Wednesday, March 28, 2007


For the first time in 15 years I won something! The Blog Party from a couple weeks ago, had a drawing, and I won the homemade doggie treats! Which is perfect since we were in need of some for our naked pooches. You should see their tan line now from wearing their coats for so long! They're so pale, but the sun will bring out their freckles soon enough. Thank you, Barnmouse, for the lovely Canine Confections! They smell sooo good!
This came in the mail the same day (what a great day) from my best bud, Chrisie. The pendant is my birthday present (isn't it cool?) and the Pappy's Seasoning is a delicacy only found on the West Coast, or so I'm told. It's wonderful and goes well with nearly everything! Thanks for helping hook us up with this seasoning necessity, Mom Dressler (Chrisie's mom in CA)!

This is the first piece of artwork that has been fired from my pottery class. I call it, "Angry Man". Whadaya think?
Tee hee! Mommy and Z! Check out the crossed legs!
Our first trip to Tuscora Park this year!
First swing ride!
On our way to Grandma C's for dinner Monday night.
(Check out the water bottle action!)


kimmy said...

yayy first to comment.. wat a cutie!!! talk to you tomorrow!!

love kim

Deanne said...

You won something from the blog party too?? What fun!!

I guess a belate 'happy birthday' is in order? What a pretty necklace! That, and sought-after spices, should make your celebration complete. :)

Chris said...

Happy Birthday . . . only 2 months late! So glad everything arrived quickly. Love your pottery piece. Much cooler than the Elmo cookie jar I made in the 12th grade. Little Guy is getting less & less little. Give him a squeeze for me.

Rona's Home Page said...

Congrats! It was a terrific event.
Belated Happy Birthday wishes.

kimmy said...

well believe it!!! i am excited too.. well i can't sleep so yeah.. paul comes home sunday!!! ah can't wait!!!

love kim

Trish D said...

Wow, you had a great mail day! Your little guy is a cutie!!