Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Happy Easter!
First egg hunt: Easter Morning at Grandpa W's

Ben and his sibs from left with birth-order in parenthesis:
Biz (3), Ben (1), Debbie (5), Andy (2), and Bekah (4)
What you can't tell from the pic is how very tall all of them are! Andy is tallest at 6'5"
This is Jeremy and Biz B. (Ezra's Aunt and Uncle) and their nieces and nephews. They wanted a picture that looked like they had kids and so gathered up all the little ones. Yup, they look good with a slew of kids!
Kids from left are: Owen, Ally, Jenna and Z

Five generations! Ben and Z, Z's Grandma C,
Z's Great-Grandma H and his Great-Great Grandma S

Friday night Grandpa and Grandma H stopped by on their way through from WV.
I think Z's trying to take off here, forgetting he's not quite walking yet.

Monday, Ben's Aunt Val came with her two, Anna and Jake. Anna and I made bead stuff (and had bead fights which we invented) while Val watched Z and Ben and Jake did manly things.

Well, Tuesday I went back to Mansfield to hang out with Missy, Debbie and my nieces and nephew. So, it's been a family bonanza this past week. Ben's been doing yard work and sanding the holes he patched where the wall used to be in our living room. We'll be painting before you know it! We picked out a ceiling fan, and decided to go with green for the dining area instead of terracotta. So, blue (in the living room) and green now. Still deciding which green exactly.

Well, seven teeth and counting! Z is talking so much every day. It's really amazing! He regularly says "Dada," "Mam," and "Dogs." But he's had some good one timers: Uckie (for Duckie), Banana (just like that!), and "Yes!" Ben just started telling Z to do little things and he does it. For instance, 'Put the ball in the hole,' or 'Hit with the stick like this,' and he does it! He'll have more tricks than our dogs before long! His favorite games are still giving Mommy a zerbert on her belly, "Up-Down" where he stands up, then squats down, and talking into anything hollow like a cup or the vacuum cleaner attachments to hear his voice sound different. We have so much fun!


Jenn said...
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kimmy said...

fun fun fun i miss hanging out with everyone... tell everyone i said hello.. also i registered at babies"r"us... if you want to check it out.. kimberly melchert.. and va for ohio...

well talk to later..

love... kim

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