Monday, June 18, 2007

More fun...

Well, there's a reason it's been a couple weeks since my last post. Yup, Mr. Cranky pants. He's doing better now that we know what the problem is. He's cutting his first molars. The symptoms of this are very different than when he cut his front teeth. It's not a sharp shooting pain, he actually holds his little ears and smiles at us. He was extremely needy though and I can't go too far. So, no blog last week. My Dad arrived Friday night and brought with him Louis, our new Handpuppen from Germany "...echte Freunde furs Leben ." Any translators out there? Z loves Louis, who can hold him, play with him, stick his tongue out at him and even has the same hair color! When Z sees Louis on the table, he claps. It's like he's made a friend. It's kind of sad, actually.

Grampa, Louis and Z
At the park again, on the kiddie train with Gramma.
We went to Columbus for a little reunion of Ben's high school friends. Some of them he hadn't seen since high school, and some we saw last week when we went to a Fountains of Wayne concert together in Cleveland. Yes, it was absolutely awesome and the party was a hoot and half!
Look what's growing in our garden!

Kim and Paul stopped by on their way to Wisconsin. She's 2 cm dilated last we heard. We're all praying she has their baby before Paul leaves for the Gulf for six months later this month. It'll be close.

This is Kim and Paul with all the gifts we bought with money collected from friends and family members. So, to all of you who donated, THANK YOU! They loved their presents!


Chris said...

What a fun puppet! That's really cool. And thanks for posting pics of Kim & Paul. Looks like they're doing well. I'm praying for that baby to come today!

Anonymous said...

awww... send mr. cranky pants our way one evening - we'll entertain him. :) if i would have to venture a guess at translating that german i'd say its somewhere in the neighborhood of "a friend for life". i could be way off though - its been years since i've read or spoke any german. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon... Lisa

Stacey said...
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becca said...

Very good Lisa! It's "True Friends for Life" in German. Just thought I'd keep your wheels turning and not give the translation out right.