Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pictures by Grampa

My Dad used to be really into photography and paint pictures from his photos. He works a lot and travels a lot and has taken a long sabbatical from both. Then Z was born. He bought an awesome camera (Nikon D80) and has blessed us with a plethora of pictures of our offspring every time he visits (this is their third visit in a year from Germany!). So, he gets his very own post, dedicated to the pictures (unedited mind you) taken thus far during his week long visit. Now, if only we could get him painting again...

Mommy with Z and Louis.
Thank you Chris, Kim, Matt and Audrey for Z's new outfit!

We noticed Z with his mouth open a lot when we played with Louis, then realized Louis' mouth was always open! So, here he is pretending to be Louis!

We all want to be like Louis!

Toot toot!


Jenn said...

What adorable pics!! He is getting so big! Sometimes I wish they would stop growing, but my hubby quickly reminds me that growing means they're heathy!

Chris said...

Adorable is right! I'm with Jenn. I wouldn't mind pushing the pause button for a little while here and there. Or rewind and hold my itty bitty baby again.

Jenn said...

Was your baby every itty bitty?

Jenn said...

oops - ever!

Anonymous said...

So sad I missed your little darling's birthday party yesterday. Give him a hug for me. He's getting so big and grown-up - your little boy is now a little man. :)