Wednesday, October 24, 2007

lots and lots of pictures

...And we're back! Hey folks! We had a lovely time in Tennessee! The plane ride went well (I got a direct flight this time). The day before we went we had a family birthday party (Ben was one of five we celebrated). Here's Z and his cousin Owen at the party.

Our niece, Ally, playing shy behind a tree

Here's Z on Grandpa J's lap in Tennessee

We had fun at the zoo too! See G&GJ and Z?

Grandma J and Z at the church playground on Lookout Mountain

Z writing Daddy a letter

Grandpa made Z a wooden dog on his scroll saw that Grandma drew. Very special! I'll post a pic of it soon!

Z's first spaghetti meal

"Traditional Chair Picture" - We have a picture of me at this age in this very chair, and one of my cousin, Lauren, in it too.

Guess what? I have lots of family down yonder! This is my Uncle David (mom's brother) and his famous BBQ Ribs....Mmmmmm!

Guess what else!? My grandparents from Iowa happened to be in town while I was visiting in TN, so I got to see them too!

The whole gang in Northern Georgia (from left to right): Grandma VN, Aunt Pam, my cousin Hannah, Rachel VN and her fiance Doug, Z!, Grandpa VN, Uncle David, cousin Josh, and Uncle Delvin.

Grandma and Grandpa J, Z and I got up at 2am yesterday and drove (with lots of stops) for twelve hours. Thankfully, Z slept for most of it. He was such a good little traveler. While I was gone, Ben had planned to update some of our pipes in the basement, but when the city came out to shut off our water, they couldn't find our water shut off! They said it had been so long since it had been shut off, they had lost the plans for the house. They used some fancy equipment to find it, and did so under our driveway! So, this is what it looks like outside my house right now. It's a good thing we've been paying our water bill for the seven years we've lived here, or else they'd have had a hard time trying to shut our water off on us!
My grandparents will be here for a couple of days, then are off to Grove City College for a concert that my cousin will be playing French Horn in. We're going to Der Dutchman for dinner tomorrow! Wahoo! Ben's glad to have us back (even though we mess up the house) and insists that Z grew a bunch in one week. He may be right, I can hardly fit his size 7 shoes on him now. We're going out tonight to get him some that fit. Have a great week everybody!!!


Nicki said...

Thanks of all the family pictures! It's great to get to see everyone even if I wasn't actually there!

There has to be a very interesting story behind where your water turn off is. It's just too odd not to have a story.

Thanks for the CS Lewis recommendation. I loaned my copy of the Space Trilogy out and had completely forgotten it existed. I'm definitely putting that one back on my list.

Chris said...

Love all the pictures! Miss you. You've been in my prayers. Wish we could just get together for coffee.