Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spaghetti Fun

Hi! While in Tennessee, I showed Z how to slurp up spaghetti and he's still working on it. Turn up the sound and check out his progress (oh, and he gets distracted by the fun shapes the noodles make in the air):

Happy Reformation Day and Happy Birthday Dad W! We're having a Harvest Party at Mommy Group on this last day of October. My Mom arrives late Sunday night so, I'm looking forward to that!

While visiting with my Grandpa VN a couple of Saturdays ago, he mentioned the posts I've done on Ayurveda (the Indian Science of Life) and said "it sounds fishy". I realized that I zoomed into discussing some of the more abstract areas of this giant topic. So, today I thought I'd give y'all a taste of some simpler lessons I've learned from this ancient science from India. Here's some routine rules for optimal living:
  • Awaken before sunrise
  • Evacuate bowels and bladder after awakening
  • Bathe everyday to create a feeling of bodily freshness
  • Do not take breakfast after 8:00am
  • Wash hands before and after eating
  • Brush teeth after meals
  • Fifteen minutes after meals take a short walk
  • Eat in silence with awareness of food (not in front of T.V. as they believe you digest your eating experience)
  • Eat slowly
  • Each day massage gums with the finger and sesame oil
  • Fast one day a week to reduce toxins in the body
  • Sleep before 10:00pm
I know that most of these are obvious or sound simple, but they have exhaustive reasoning for each one. For instance, six of the above are in part to reduce toxins in the body. Toxins come from any food that is processed or not natural. They also believe that toxins come from stress and bad feelings. Also, you can inhale toxins through unnatural or unhealthy odors (fake candles instead of soy candles, air freshener, etc.). Toxins like to store themselves in parts of our body that are weak, aggravating injuries or illnesses. We can't avoid all toxins, but we can manage them by some of these ideas. There's several more ideas to come, didn't want to overload you at once. Have a fabulous week!

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