Wednesday, December 26, 2007


If anyone remembers that classic scene in "Goonies" where Chunk confesses to his captors that the worst thing he ever did was to make barf sounds in the movie theater, which made someone really hurl, then one by one everyone in the theater started upchucking! wasn't quite that bad, but almost!

I think there were two or three different variations of the stomach flu going around, one coming out the top half and the other coming out the bottom half. Some of us were lucky enough to get both kinds. Check it out...

Monday last week: Andy (Ben's brother in Mansfield) got it
Friday last week: Z and I got it
Saturday: We had a big family get together this day. Jenna (my niece) and Missy (Andy's wife) got it, Z was still puking too. Missy said baby Owen was puking too, but he always pukes.
Sunday: Ben got it, later in the day Ben's mom and sister, Bekah got it too
Monday (Christmas Eve): Biz and Jeremy (his sister and brother-in-law) got it
Tuesday (Christmas Day): Today we all got together again, figuring all of us has been sick, what's the harm? Ben's youngest sister, Debbi, got it, and later in the day I got the other variation of it
Wednesday: Z woke up with explosive diarrhea. And the worst part, Ben's Dad and his new wife, Amy, left for their honeymoon today, after spending all morning with all of us kids yesterday for Christmas. I'll keep you updated on that one. I hope Cancun is ready for the stomach flu!

The only family members unaffected at this time are: Scott (Mom's hubby), my niece, Ally and Grandpa and Grandma H. Oh, and we're hoping Dad and Amy too...

So, they say, the family that pukes together stays together. This will definitely be a Christmas to remember!


Stacey said...

I just had to tell you we had that same thing happen over the New Year Holiday about 12 years ago! And we said the same thing, "the family that pukes together stays together!" We still talk and laugh about it now! :-) Stacey

Deanne said...

My family had a similar experience 2 Christmases ago. All I can say is EWE!!! It moved fast and that was the only good part about it. We do sort of laugh about it today, but mostly we are glad it's all behind us and hope it never rears its ugly head ever ever again! :)

Dana said...

you've been tagged!

Peggy said...

So sorry to hear your Christmas was disturbed by the flu. Hope you had a great day anyway!