Thursday, January 3, 2008

What a year already!

Well, guess who tinkled in the potty? Yup! Our little dude! Here he is living it up with a peppermint stick stuffed mouth and a Reader's Digest which he went back in to get, I'm guessing to really drive home the "I'm a big boy" point. He does see us read it when we go! I'm not exaggerating, he went in and started flipping through it after I threw an improptu party for the six drops of tinkle he made. I'll keep you posted on how this potty training business goes.

Last night was the second night this year our big boy has slept for SIX hours straight! It's a miracle! If anyone knows us well, you'll know Z is a great napper, but not so great sleeping at night. We're so excited and are in the market for a toddler bed already to encourage the progress. If only we had gone to bed when he did, we too would have had six consecutive hours. We plan to be smarter tonight. Well, speaking of sleep, I'm on my way up to wake him now, so we can have another good night tonight. Before I go, here's the latest on our growing miracle: he's 33 inches tall and 29 pounds as of yesterday. Oh, and he's cut at least 6 molars now, they're still coming in, but they've at least poked through finally.

I told you guys I'd update you on Dad and Amy and their honeymoon health. Unfortunately, Amy caught our bug two days after Christmas and was out of commission for a day. Dad somehow avoided it completely! They still had a blast in Cancun and didn't want to come back, imagine that! Be sure to check out my new slideshow in the sidebar. I learned that from my Aunt Laura in Mississippi who just started her own family blog. Happy New Year everyone!


Deanne said...
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Stacey said...
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Stacey said...
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Nicki said...

Yay for the pottying! I hope that your journey on the potty train is much shorter than ours!

Now off to Aunt Laura's blog to check that out! Thanks for the link!