Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It was blowy out!

Yes, I said "blowy". I said it on Sunday when we got a little taste of Hurricane Ivan all the way up here in Ohio and my husband made fun of me. I think it's descriptive. I know it's a tropical depression now and can't even begin to compare to what it was, but WOW! It looks like the Tazmanian Devil whirled through our little town. No one was hurt, but I've personally driven by four homes that have had trees fall on them. It seems like every other house around here has a tree at their curb strip to get picked up. The airport still doesn't have power and there's a nearby town that is said will be without power for at least a week. We just got our internet and phone services back today, hence the post. Here's a picture of the tree outside the parking lot next to our house. Ben asked Z if the tree was sad and he said, "No, happy!" and smiled his new cheesy grin where he shuts his eyes. As of now, I can't say there's much left to do before the baby comes. I could make more gifts, always, but with my mom here to help after next week, I might even get more sewing done after the baby! The dog sitter is lined up, I filled in as much as I'm able to in the new baby book and updated Z's, over the weekend I made myself a new diaper bag. The last one grew yuckies on the inside from spilling different food items. Since the yuck was under the vinyl I had to toss it. This is the first bag I've made for myself. So, here she is...it's got a liner with a divider and three pockets inside.
I have two favorite recipes of my summer to share with you, but they'll have to wait until next time as Z just woke up. Take care and hope you have an awe-inspiring day!


Kristin said...

LOVE that bag! Great job! :)

Chris said...

Cute bag! It was blowey here too on Saturday. And cold. We took D to a park anyway, and we had fun playing in our jackets with the hoods pulled up.

kendijo said...

Very cute bag! You are so talented and resourceful. I'm amazed by you!
Have a happy day!