Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Savoring every minute together

First off, my apologies! I should have been upfront last week that I was recalling the Power Balls recipe from memory, which evidently is not a reliable source at all right now! I made the necessary amendments to the recipe below, please forgive me if you tried it already. What's super funny, is I made them according to my faulty memory and they weren't all that bad, just gooier than usual. I don't think you can screw up Power Balls. Everything in them is yummy and you can't even burn them. I also added one tiny thing to the rhubarb recipe that I did in practice but wasn't on the recipe I copied down. I nuked the rhubarb for quite a while before baking it, so it was sure to be cooked through when the topping was done. OK, no more corrections for now.

I've been so very emotional this past week anticipating this baby's arrival. I've been soaking up every minute with Z as though it's our last few days together. I cried while Ben was trying to share an interesting part of his book with me because I wondered when the next time would be that we'd get to stay up and talk like that. The first year of Z's life was the hardest in our marriage and part of me fears we're in for another tough year, but I'm praying it won't be as bad. We'll be sleep deprived again, surely, but hopefully we'll be a little more seasoned as new parents.

The following collection of pictures were taken since last Thursday of our special time with Z before he becomes a big brother.

Mass producing chocolate chip cookies with Mommy

At the county fair with Daddy...

"Hewhoa? Segobadoo manna gow. By-ee" Which is translated as,
"Yeah, Mom? We're on our way home, so go ahead and start dinner, would ya?"
My mom arrived last night from Germany and is already anticipating taking over Z's care. She's asked for reminders on how to collapse our stroller, how to get to different places, for Z's schedule and details on how to put him down for naps. We're even meal planning and she's only been here a few hours. Finally, her jet lag kicked in and she's napping now. What a blessing to have her here in our time of need!

For those interested in my philosophical ramblings I finally updated Zerbik last week. I'm not sure when I'll post on any website next, if it takes me a bit, you'll know why! Make sure I have your e-mail and/or snail mail address if you want to know our baby's name. E-mail me: beccawigton [at] tusco [dot] net. Thanks for your prayers!


Stacey said...

You and Ben (and Z) will do great with your new baby girl!!!! Although your emotional state is not helping me any! We're thinking of starting to try to add to our family, and I'm emotional ALREADY about how it will change things and how Cooper's life will change. *Sigh*

It'll all work out and it'll feel like your baby girl has always been a part of your family!

I'm thinking quick, low pain, labor thoughts for ya!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Becca! You sound just like me when I was expecting my second baby. I mourned having just that time with my first baby, mourned our current family, everything! Change is hard! But I didn't realize what joy awaited me! I didn't realize how incredible it would be to see the special relationship between my first baby and my second or how special it would be to see my husband with his "Daddy's little girl." The dynamics of adding our second baby were simply amazing!

I have to honest that the first few months were rough for me, though. Not because she was a hard baby (she was so much easier than the first, I couldn't believe it! Must have been God's grace!), but because I did miss spending lots of time with my first child. Try to make sure you get to spend at least a little one on one time with Ezra every day. That, and it was harder to bond with her. Probably a healthy dose of postpartum depression didn't help. If your bonding is different than it was with Ezra, just know that it's ok and it will come in time.

Overall, though, the work of a second baby is so much easier. It's just that there's 2 now! You'll probably have to work as a team to meet the needs of both kids for a while, but it's so nice not to have to sweat the little stuff. It's a lot less mental work knowing what to expect from a baby and having a new perspective on how quickly they grow up, although I'm sure she will throw you some curve balls just to show you that all babies are every different!

Please let me know if you need anything! You still may actually have questions with number 2 as hard as it may be to believe! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I can't wait to hear all about your new little daughter!

Chris said...

Im so excited for you! And your feelings make so much sense to me. But it will be better than you can imagine!!