Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year Indeed!

Guess what?!!?!? We paid off Ben's school loan!!! We still have mine to pay off, but then we'll be free of debt that's not a mortgage. My loan is currently deferred since I'm not working, so we plan to focus on our savings for a bit until we have at least three months worth of paychecks saved up, right now we have almost a month and a half's worth. Our hope is to buy the next car outright and hopefully it won't take up all of our savings. Then, we'll decide if we need to replenish the savings or dive into paying off my school loan. We'd like to be completely debt free by age 35, that's only three years away though, so it's a bit ambitious as my school loan is $30,000 huge. I'll start a ticker for that when we start paying on it. I love tickers, they so motivate me!


Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! I'm sure that is an AWESOME feeling.

We also plan to buy our next car outright. What's hard for us is that we only have one car, but want to switch to two. I want it YESTERDAY, but am trying hard to have patience.

Imagine the weight that will be off your shoulders, once that 30K of debt is gone!!! It will be so freeing. :)

Anonymous said...

Great BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! from admirers down South.