Sunday, January 18, 2009

10 Things I NEVER post on WigLife

  1. Really, really bad pictures of myself like the one above.
  2. The truth about how my kitchen counter top has NEVER once been as clean as this since Juju was born.
  3. Embarrassing moments, like the time, not so long ago, I regifted something to a friend in front of the friend who gave it to us because I didn't remember who gave it to us. It was kinda like a bad dream, only real. Yeah, couldn't bring myself to share about that.
  4. Excruciating details of my life like how I have this owey on my left ring-finger knuckle from being a clutz when I was shaving the other day.
  5. Politics and how I am so right about my views on it! I'll talk about it anywhere else but here, just ask!
  6. Recipes for meals that I've never made like Springtime Asparagus Quiche.
  7. Inside jokes between myself and others, by the way, "Nice teeth!"
  8. Personal flaws, such as how I can't stop biting the skin on my fingers when it's dry and I'm stressed or how I can't seem to avoid reading the headlines on the gossip mags in the check-out line.
  9. My testimony, though I have a feeling it won't be long before I do. I'm terrified to unveil how ugly my life was before I gave it over to Christ.
  10. Oh, and I would NEVER, EVER post about.....wait a second!!!!


kristina said...

I like your list.
This post reminded me of the many reasons I'd love to chat with you in person. :)

Hey, I noticed you are making great progress on your 3 month savings! Yay!! I'll bet that by the end of 2009 your are flying full speed ahead toward your financial goals. I am actually sitting down to write up my 2009 goals. I just checked my 2008 list and am pleased to we met all our goals. :)

I am off to brush my teeth...

Nicki said...

What an awesome and fun post!

Anonymous said...

We read this 2 days ago & must comment.

You're a nut. A sweet nut as we've known you to be.

Fun to read.
Sending love~

Peggy said...

Doesn't everyone read the headlines of the gossip magazines? Not only headlines, but if the store is poorly staffed and there's a line, then of course you have to pull the magzine out of the rack and actually read it while you wait!

Inquiring minds do want to know!

Lana said...

Great post Becca! And that is not a bad picture. I have one with my eyes crossed...I ought to post that one.