Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I can't sing Juju to sleep because she sings with me and keeps herself up. So, I have to rock her to sleep in silence.

Z calls pepperoni "pizza brownies". We think he got this from his own strange accent in trying to say "Pepper-rownies".

I was holding Juju and when she laid her head on my chest, I said, "Awww!" My little parrot then said, "Awwww!" Several times after that when she'd lay her head on my chest she's say, "Awww!"

Quick Update:
We're between houses right now. We've closed on the old but not on the new. The owners of the new house have allowed us to move our belongings in early. I took them a plate of cookies to thank them. We're very excited to move in and to meet the neighbors. Met the first set last night (there's at least five) and they were super nice. They even have a two year old boy that Z got along with well. We caught them rocking in the toddler sized rocking chairs together on the front porch after playing in the rocks together.

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