Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Favorite Things:

A quick update: We're currently in limbo. Nearly all of our belongings are at the new house. We usually stay there during the day and come back to the old house to sleep as we haven't closed on the new house yet! Hopefully, all will go well and we can close on Friday then we can move the 13 foot family bed over and it'll be official.

Since I mustn't unpack quite yet, I'm amusing myself with ideas for decorating the new house. I'm thinking along the lines of "The Sound of Music" curtains or something else vintagy. Actually, I saw the above picture on Anna Maria Horner's blog (she's the designer of Garden Party fabrics and other lines) and found inspiration. The walls at our new home are a similar color and those splashes of color are perfect! I'm thinking of looking through the old fabrics from my great grandma to see if I have enough of any one to use for curtains, but I'm so excited, I think I'm coping quite well with not being able to unpack just yet.

We had a rough weekend with Juju, I knew she was cutting her other top front tooth, but didn't realize she was cutting another tooth at the same time, bad timing as she wanted held constantly for our moving weekend, but she's doing much better now that both teeth are through (yes, that makes 5!).

I keep dreaming of how this move is the perfect chance for a fresh start and to try to live my ideals out. So, yesterday I wrestled with whether to keep a TV out at all. We got rid of cable a year ago and our lives have been changed in many ways for the better. We use DVDs we own and from the library for Z when he wakes up or just before reading time at night. So, I wrestle, do we really need a TV? Could I live without it's help babysitting my 3 year old? He's playing next to his sister like a good boy right now (OK, now he's trying to get her wet with air raspberries). He could learn to entertain himself, right? I could make a tea cozy for the TV and cover it up when we're not using it. Or, I could be the adult and turn it off when he's watched one video. Then I wouldn't ever have guilt. Mommy guilt is such a horrible thing. Next week, though, I have the excuse of moving. For now, I'm gonna go play ball with my boy.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Five teeth is a lot.

If it were me, I might keep the tv. We keep cable for my husband, and I could easily get rid of that. I do like to have the tv so we can watch a video sometimes (family movie night is fun, with older kids). Also, our tv is in the basement, which is kind of like have a tv cozy. The kids literally go days or even stretches of a week or more without watching tv. But, it is nice when it rains for the fifth day in a row, or there are things that HAVE to get accomplished that will go so much smoother if the kids are occupied for a specific period of time.

Good luck on the rest of your move. I look forward to seeing what you create for the windows.

Chris said...

The colors and fabrics are beautiful! And congrats on the new teeth! Too bad they had to come at such an inconvenient time. :(

Jennifer said...

have you noticed that the colors in the picture are very similar to the ones at the top of your blog? I'd say you have some winners for your new house! I was actually in a hotel not too long ago where the lobby was decorated with those colors. Made me want to redecorate!!! Beautiful!!!