Friday, August 7, 2009

A little slice of heaven

There was a tractor nearly in our back yard last night and I took a picture because I was so excited! I'm so green at this country living I'm not even sure what they're farming in the field behind us, but I saw pictures from last year of corn growing back there. I think it's soy beans this year, what do you think?

The kids have taken to playing in the mulch rocks every day. We buy a whole yard for them and all they want are the rocks. But Z would play for hours in them and Juju would eat them all if she could! Here's why we're now a "bath every night" family.

No, I don't let her eat them, really! She does try though. See the awesome old school house across the street? I love seeing that everyday! Oh, and I can see the hill above from my kitchen sink! Thanks for your patience as we moved all our earthly possessions (of which there are far too many) from one location to another ten minutes down the road from the first. Nine years ago we did this and only moved four blocks, so we're really branching out this time!

It's been quite stressful and we're barely hanging on by a thread at times. My precious husband has been working hard all day and coming home and working hard all night on things that only he can do, and I can only wish for a break for him, but there is none in sight quite yet. Before Ben's sisters came to help us unpack the kitchen (it would have taken me days with the kiddos!), we both felt physically unable to breathe when we walked through all the boxes in there. Then his Grandma came on Wednesday and I got the bedroom and bathroom boxes finished while she did the dining room, so I'm feeling like we've made a ton of progress for only having been allowed to unpack boxes a week ago.

We've had lots and lots of flies here in the house and they seem to follow me in the car and other places too. I'm not sure if it's a country thing or the physical embodiment of my stress swarming around me, either way, I've set aside my new found pacifist ways for now and am armed and ready! Ben is too and has already picked off a ground hog that was chewing the foundation of our shed away. Turns out it's legal to hunt on your own land if you are outside city limits and own more than an acre (we own 1.25 acres)! I'm not sure that would have stopped my husband, but now I have less reason to be disapproving.

We've been meeting neighbors and they're all wonderful. Last night we went to the horse farm two doors down and Z got to play with the kittens there and see chickens and colts. They have a pond with a paddle boat and we've been promised a paddle boat fishing trip sometime for Z with the neighbor boy. Both kids have been sleeping so well and the dogs are in heaven, not literally. This is the first time since the kids were born that we've seen our hairless pooches this happy for this long. So, the guest room is ready, when are you coming to visit?


Deanne said...

how nice to get settled into your new home. I can't wait to see pics of your place!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh... I just commented, but it got messed up, and I lost it. :(

I was TRYING to tell you that I am so happy for you, and that your new place looks EXACTLY like it was meant for you. I picture you growing your own veggies, raising chickens, and even having a goat. :)