Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Wee Update!

Three big new things:

1. Last week, Z was a bit underslept after a slumber party with his cousins (see slideshow) and we had a horrible week. Saturday, I decided the week couldn't get any worse, so let's start potty training! I'm so glad we did! I knew he was ready, I just wasn't ready with moving houses and all. Here's our potty success tally:

Saturday: 0
Sunday: 1
Monday: 2
Tuesday: 6! Six tinkles, ah, ah, ah! (to be said with Transylvanian accent)

A friend of mine suggested we get presents from the dollar store to reward him when he goes, and it's working wonderfully. Yesterday he really seemed to get it. I'm avoiding worrying about how to wean him from the presents, one step at a time, right?

2. I started my new job last week taking pictures and making virtual tours for a local real estate company. I'm enjoying it so far and am so glad to have the income coming in before my school loan comes due next month. I'd really like to pay it off myself, without my hubby's help. We'll see.

I guess I'm feeling entrepreneurial as I seem to have started a new business to go with my new job. I learned so much about staging when I sold my house that I decided to sell my knowledge to others. For a small fee, home sellers can hire me for an hour consultation and personalized list of improvements they can make to their home to sell it quicker and for more profit. Ben helped me make fliers for the realtors (they can hire me too!) and I still need to make business cards, but that's about all I have for start up fees. So far I've only done it pro bono (for free), but I really really have fun doing this!

3. Finally, I was published again on! Click here to see my article on meeting the needs of a baby.

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