Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy bee

What I'm busy with this week:
  • Preparing for our baby girl's first birthday party this weekend!
  • Finishing unpacking and finding a place for everything in a house with much less built in cabinetry than the last house. Does one buy a container to house C.D.s and DVDs that will some day be obsolete? I really don't know!
  • Thinking about my grandparents visit from TN next week! Yay!
  • Taking pictures of two houses and making their virtual tours
  • Doing bills and laundry and making meals - this was a given, but I want credit
  • Trying to maintain a resemblance of normalcy keeping up social activities for the kiddos including play group, soccer* and a play date - homeschool co-op starts next week!
  • Buying a rug to keep the food off our nice carpet under the kitchen table. Yes...carpet in the kitchen...perhaps there's lovely wood underneath, we'll hope, eh?
  • Oh, and don't forget changing diapers and taking wee Z to go pee in the loo. I'm learning not to fill his tank with juice right before a long car ride. "Got to go potty, Mommy!" Ack! I just passed an exit! "Hold on, Buddy! We'll stop as soon as we can! You can do it! Hold it!" He did. {{Long sigh, big smile}} Another rewarding moment in mommyhood.
*It's official, I'm a soccer mom!!! A soccer mom with a station wagon, mind you.

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