Friday, September 11, 2009

Swiftly Speaking


See the slide show for all new pictures!

We're enjoying our country living. I'm a little surprised at how noisy it is out here though! Between the crickets, the frogs, the cicadas (17 years my foot!), the cows and the birds, oh my the birds! It's pretty loud. A good loud though.

According to our neighbor, we have a swarm of swifts living in our chimney at night. It's a chimney we won't be using, but Ben says it's not good to have animals living in our house or our chimney, so he capped it. I usually only hear the birds while they're jumping from tree to tree around the neighborhood. There seems to be a thousand of them by day. Here's about a hundred of them swarming to their nest in our chimney and finding the motel closed. It was hard to get a good picture. All of the black blurs are birds!
* photo of swift courtesy of

We've been having lots of campfires in our back yard. We'll probably have one after Juju's first birthday party in a few weeks. I wonder if I can get the place looking good in time! One room is still filled with boxes. We'll see! Here the grass was wet so we used some of our many boxes to stay dry. Lawn chairs are not nearly as fun!


Chris said...

Love the picture with the boxes.

lovemylife said...

Your new place looks like a dream! What a wonderful place to live!