Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Mostest

Grandmas are always special. One Great and they're cool. Two Greats? They're AWESOME! Happy Birthday to Z and Juni's Great Great Grandma!!! Ninety-seven and counting!

My grandpa just e-mailed my this picture from a blackberry?!? I'm impressed!

My great grandma is the most fun and awesome grandma in the world. She always makes us laugh, she's super positive and won't complain to you about aches and pains unless you beg her to. She never forgets amazing stories about our heritage, Swedish royalty with a fleet of ships and pipe smoking women. She likes to tell us how her mother was a "Crook" before she got married, that being her maiden name.

Always boat fulls of fun, I wish we could be together on this special day! When I asked my mom (who just arrived last night) if she had anything to say about her grandma, she said, "I know she loves me the mostest!" That's funny, she told me she loves me the mostest!! Happy Birthday, Grandma! We love you the mostest!!!

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