Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Perfect Day

We went on a walk today behind our house. The neighbor girl tells us it's ok to walk through the farmer's field. When I asked about woods, she said that's fine too, but beware of coyotes (pronounced "ky-oats"). She told me she always takes her 22 and shoots at something random before entering just to scare them off. She's 13 years old. We didn't see any wild life today, just breathtaking landscapes.

Juju took her first steps today. Ben came home early from work and she walked from me to him, food in hand. I knew she'd involve food in this momentous occasion somehow, I just thought she'd be walking toward the food.

A car hit an electric pole down the road today, brought all the neighbors out to watch and talk. Thankfully the driver was ok, but evidently we might lose our electricity for a spell while they repair the pole. I've never had an entirely electric house before, and a well to boot. So, our kind new neighbors prepared us. They said to go home and cook dinner quick before the power out, bathe the kids, keep the tub full of water so we could pour some of it down the toilet for flushing purposes later, and pour a jug full of drinking water. Oh, and go buy a generator! Just kidding, they actually were telling me how to cook on the flat surface of our fireplace and even how to grill a lasagna or casserole if needed! I love it!

It's 10:30pm and no power out yet, so I'd better publish this quick before it happens! Goodnite!

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