Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Parson Brown

First thing this morning I started laundry and rolled Buckeyes (formerly known as peanut butter balls to my pre-Ohioan self). I was determined to get it right today. Yesterday, the snow was calling to us and we drowned it out with TV and Christmas music. I was overwhelmed at the thought of getting the kids snow ready. How could I take the time when the house was such a mess? I ended up being grumpy all day, frustrated with myself and the messy world around me. Mommy guilt haunted me.

As soon as the kids were fed and dressed today, we got started. It took an hour. First I needed long johns. I thought I'd get myself mostly ready, then work on the kids. With snow pants, Ben's flannel and my heavy coat on, I started in on Juju. Got her purple leggings on, pants back on, extra shirt, then the snow pants and matching pooh bear coat. Took Ben's suggestion and put big socks (mine) over her little snow booties (dug those out of the car where she had pulled them off last), since they weren't real snow boots. That should keep them on, I thought. I was starting to get hot. Buddy's turn. Socks, snow pants, coat, gloves, no....that doesn't work...coat off, gloves on, now the coat. Hat. By this time, Juju found she could stand or lie flat but nothing else. There was no sitting. I'd stand her up, she'd fall flat if she tried to move. She was a helpless puffalump on the floor with flailing arms and legs. Sometimes she'd find something to entertain herself on the floor, most times she just cried. It was funny in a pathetic sort of way. Pick up the Puffalump, dress the boy. I checked the clock. It had been a half hour.

Juju started pulling at her gloves, then Buddy. She was getting hot. He wanted the use of his hands. I started putting Vaseline on their cheeks and getting a little testy. I decided to pamper myself and put some Vaseline on my cheeks too. Magically, all my wrinkles went away. At least in my mind they did. We looked all over the house for the bag of buttons that came with the snow man kit. Juju had walked off with them this morning and we couldn't find them in our hot snow suits. "Found them, Mommy!" shouts Z from the kitchen after I'd looked in the closet twice. Hats on, again. Get the camera out of the car, open the garage door and after an hour of preparation we step out into the snowy wonderland as though we are astronauts walking out onto the moon for the first time.

It's not so bad out here, I thought. I'm not even cold. Probably all the layers. Juju had been fussing from being hot, but stopped at the new environment. We lug the snowman dressings to the perfect spot. I set Juju down, threw a snow ball at Z and started making a snowman. Juju still couldn't sit. Unhappy laying in the snow, she wanted held. Wiping noses and consoling her intermittently, I set to making the snow man. Z was happy sitting in the snow. More crying from the puffalump. I know, I'll get her a rocking chair from the front porch so she can sit more easily. No, she just wanted mommy. Her boot was hanging from her snow suit thanks to my now snow covered giant sock. The snow was perfect for rolling giant balls, so Z and I worked quickly. The neighbors watching thanks to the crying puffalump. OK, I can hold a baby while we decorate the snowman. Man, it's getting hot! Let's take a few pictures for posterity. Our snow man now decorated with our fancy snow man decoration kit only needed arms. "OK, Buddy, let's go up the hill and find some arms," I heard myself say. Carrying Juju, up the snowy hill we went. If I could have done it four more times I would have had my cardio in for the day. Once will have to do. All of our hats and gloves were off by this point from being so hot. Arms on, ok, let's go in! Both were happy to come inside. I check the clock. We were outside for a half hour.

In less than two minutes all the remaining layers were shed. The thermometer said 45 degrees. Might have helped to know that before we got dressed to go out. Only because all the books and movies say we should, we sat down for some hot cocoa then had lunch. We read four Dr. Suess books, jumped on the bed for a while thanks to the cocoa caffeine, had a quick puppet show with our puppet friend Louis, then it was Louis' nap time. We found Waldo and both kids fell asleep. I'm pretty sure mommy did too for a few minutes. Now it's time to dip some Buckeyes in chocolate before they wake up, right after I hang our snow clothes up to dry, so we can do it all again tonight when Daddy gets home.

Wishing you and your kin a wondrous Christmas week!


Nicki said...

That is quite the respectable snow man you managed to make there! Taking the kids outside to play in the snow has always overwhelmed me. By the time I get everyone dressed, I end up just staying inside and watching most of the time.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome, Becca! An awesome mom, and an honest mom! I'm willing to be there is not a mom out here in blogland that can not relate that experience!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sharing of time with you and yours. I'm still smiling. My guy's working, so he will enjoy your new entry tomorrow.

You & the daddy are terrific parents making treasured memories with your kids. Priorities! Kids grow...fast, snow melts, housework is always there. Enjoy making the peanut butter buckeyes. (TN)

Anonymous said...