Sunday, December 27, 2009

In sickness and in health...

Our new biennial family tradition: making each other sick. Thirteen family members who spent a few hours together at Grandma's house Christmas evening have gotten the stomach flu since Christmas. <> Gramma H. says eighteen family members got it this year!

Thankfully, it was a quick bug and only seven hours after getting ill the Sunday after Christmas, I was feeling better. I was the only one in our nuclear family that got it, thankfully. I've come to view it as a biennial* cleansing/detox. I even got a much needed break and got to stay in bed all afternoon.

See here for the head count of our last family epidemic in 2008! And to update that post, yes, my step-mother-in-law, Amy did catch it and it made for quite a memorable honeymoon.

Hope your family has a happy and healthy New Year!!!

*Thanks to Ben for clarifying that biennial is every two years and bi-annual is twice a year. I thought that bi-annual sounded fishy!

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Faye said...

It was a hoot reading about two years ago, I had wiped that from my memory bank. Did Biz get it this year? I think the count for this year is 18 sickies. That may be a record. Hope we don't break it.