Monday, December 7, 2009

Smells like trouble

Last night I ran to the store while Ben stayed home and watched Curious George's Christmas special with the kids. When I came back I found them all in the bathroom with Z announcing that he's earned a present for pooping in the potty. Later that night Ben told me not to use that toilet because the toilet needs plunged now. First thing this morning Ben plunged the toilet and told me it was really stopped up and took a lot of plunging.

Ben's cell phone has been missing since last evening and we spent all morning looking for it. We were confused that it was going straight to voice mail when we'd call it when we knew it was fully charged. After checking the trash and the burnables, Ben had this sinking realization that it was possible that Juju had found his cell phone last night and put it in the toilet before Z went. We're going to give it a day to make sure before he buys a new cell phone, but we're pretty sure that people are calling our septic tank now. At least he can still check his messages. I took a video of Juju after lunch today so we could always remember how cute and happy she is after sending Daddy's cell phone into a smelly abyss.

These are her before nap giggles. What you can't tell from this video is that she smells like a hotdog. Maybe that's a good thing.


Deanne said...

oh no!!!! just tell yourselves that this will be a story that you'll laugh about later. :)

Becca said...

We're already laughing! Well, at least I am. Ben's not too upset though, just bummed that he has to get everyone's numbers again.