Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Five more chicks

Out of a dozen eggs, five hatched and time will tell how many are roosters. The five Welsummers are brown with stripes and look very similar to two of our Ameraucanas, who, we are told can take on the look of any breed. The Welsummers have orange feet which help us identify them, the Ameraucanas have grayish feet and puffy cheeks. The new babies have integrated nicely with the six we got yesterday, it helps they all hatched on Sunday and are the same size.

Here they are all sleeping.
A Polish chick taking a drink
Welcome little chicks, we are so excited to have you in our basement. Z can't wait until tomorrow when you turn three days old and he's allowed to hold you for the first time. Next week we'll invite little friends to come and visit you. What a great experience this is for all of us.

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