Monday, April 5, 2010

Smiles for you

Juju talking to her Grandma J in Germany
Two sick kids cuddling a couple weeks ago.
Some pictures for you to enjoy on your birthday, Mom! We love that our little Juju favors you more than anyone, and hope she keeps those curls as long as you have.

My mom

Here's three new AMAZING recipes for y'all to try:

I have made each of these 2-3 times in the past 2 weeks! I get a little excited when I find a good new recipe. The baked oatmeal is a local Amish thing I guess, it seems everyone around here knows what it is, and I have missed out my whole life...until now. I can eat the the whole pan by myself, but Ben likes it with crunchy raw sugar on top and heavy whipping cream all over it.

Our friends from Washington gave us the bread recipe and wowed us with it when they came. It's now my best bread recipe (not best for you, but you'll forgive it once you taste it).

I've been wanting to try and make granola again since I burned three batches in a row about ten years ago. I finally got brave enough this past weekend and made a batch...then another the next's that good.

I've got lots to share, we're busy tilling the garden today, but come back soon!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, she looks so much like your mom! Actually, every single time I see her picture, I always immediately think how much your daughter looks like YOU!

We love baked oatmeal, in our house. Less sugar and no eggs in ours, but very similar. I make a big batch at night, put it in small glass containers, and my early-rising son heats his up in the microwave at whatever unearthly time he rises. It's sort of like having me there when he wakes, right??? :)

ps. happy bday to your mom!