Monday, April 26, 2010

Six have arrived!

Wow...what a day this has been. It has certainly been eventful. Later in the week I'll share about our morning, but for now I'm just sharing about our afternoon. As of now, one third of the Welsummers have hatched from the incubator at our friend's house. So we'll see how many we end up with tomorrow when we go to pick them up.

Today we drove to Polk, Ohio which is literally in the middle of nowhere. We dropped off the kids at Ben's grandma's house first so they could play with their cousins. Then we stopped for some food for lunch. We don't often eat out and it was a treat to be near a Popeye's, which is one of the few American restaurants we had access to when I lived in England. So for memory's sake, I had myself some Popeye's Chicken and finished up the last of it as we pulled into the hatchery, which Ben and I had to laugh about. As promised all six of our little chickadees were ready for us.

The two Polish ones got their beaks pecked so much they bled at first. They must be really unpopular with their crazy tufts on top of their heads. The lady at the hatchery gave us some food and water for the chicks so they wouldn't peck each other so much. It mostly worked. I tried a little conditioning of the chicks on the drive home. Every time they pecked at each other I would tap their heads and say, "No!". It does seem to have worked. Everyone is getting along splendidly now. Granted they have mostly been sleeping since we've been home. They like their heat lamp and quickly learned where their water and food are. Z has unofficially named them all "Morty & Gordy".

Here we are showing our niece and nephew the chicks at Grandma's house.
Here they are in the temporary home until they get big enough to go outside.

More WigChicks to come tomorrow night, we'll be sure to show more pictures as they arrive. For now, enjoy the all new slide show of the last couple of weeks. Thanks for being part of our WigLives.


mattmarie said...

What cute little chicks!! I'll be eager to follow your chick story!!

Deanne said...

Chickies, how fun! it'll be nice to have fresh eggs.....or making your own Popeyes fried chicken! ;)