Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scenes from SLC

What's the Juju girl all dressed for? Well, we took her with us a couple of weekends ago to Utah. She did great on the plane and handled all the transitions wonderfully. Z stayed home with my mom who watched him for us. She's visiting with us for several weeks and my dad is here too for almost two weeks.

The groom was (and is) our dear friend, Matt, from LeTourneau University. He and Ben roomed together for a while at Lambda Alpha Sigma (the aviation society) before we got married. He brought his lovely girlfriend to meet us in October last year and we couldn't help but love her too. You might recall, she's a knitter, and a very good one! I had to get a picture of what she knitted for her flower girl and junior bride's maid to wear for the big day (she made the whole outfit, shoes and all!)
They had the wedding at Matt's house, where they now live happily ever after. They had a cellist play their favorite classical songs, you can see her a little above her at the top of the landing. They wrote their own vows, had communion and special prayers by each of their brothers and only had, I think, 14 people present. We were VERY honored to be among them.
The next day we checked out the sights, ate at an In'N'out Burger, and visited with old friends who live in the SLC area. The newlyweds took off for Switzerland and are back already, they had a great trip, they said.
It was simply beautiful there. I'm afraid, though, we're going to have to stick to Ohio. The dryness did nothing for Juju's hair. As soon as our plane landed in the midwest, her curls sprang back to life and we all sighed with relief.

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Matthew Sebree said...

Great Pics. So glad you all were there.