Saturday, July 18, 2015

Oregon Adventures V

The week of July 5th in pictures:
We visited Daddy at his new job on Monday.
Ben has a large cubical he shares with the maintenance team lead.  His title there is "Chief Inspector," which involves keeping Garmin above reproach with the FAA in their aviation department.  He enjoys being a liaison between the engineering and maintenance departments as well.
 I found the testing rooms interesting (not shown).  They have machines and special rooms to test new products under all sorts of different conditions.  We weren't allowed to take pictures of anything technical.  Ben told us afterward that our tour included seeing some top secret things, but as we didn't know the difference, it was fine that we saw!  There were about thirty people playing volley ball when we arrived, but I was too embarrassed to take their picture and so waited till the end of our tour. 

 Monday through Friday, Juni had paper mache camp.  The camp was a half hour away in Silverton, so we just stayed at the pretty park everyday and waited for her.  Ezra finished his schoolwork from the past year that needed finishing at the park, working a little each day before getting to play.

Ezra trying to catch minnows in the creek at the park.

 There was a fat squirrel that didn't seem too afraid of us.
 Paper Mache Piggy Bank!  Juni had such a good time.  She also made a fish bowl candy dish and a solar system mobile.
 Some of the fields we passed driving to Silverton were breathtaking!  I think these were buttercups!  Who plants a field of buttercups?  
 ...and poppies!?  LOVE!
 Ezra took this picture of a bookstore cat while we purrrused downtown. :-)
 Saturday morning, Juni and I had a scheduled date together.  Here she is with her chosen chocolate chip cookie and root beer for breakfast.  I had a latte and chocolate croissant that was entirely too big.  She said, "I wish I could be a fish so I could be in the water all the time, and not just some of the time, like now."  So, I asked her, "If you could be any fish or sea life what would you be?"  She thought a moment and replied, "One that people don't eat."  That's my girl!
 We finished off the week with a trip to the Saturday outdoor market.  There are FOUR markets in Salem.  One is indoor and year round.  This one was huge, at least for us.

 We tried fresh pressed sugar cane with lime.  It is not what we are used to, which makes you wonder what happens to our processed white sugar before we get it.
 Some upcycled bottles turned into windchimes.  Lots of nationalities were represented in the foods offered.  I did not see maple syrup though (normal at our market in Ohio), or fresh salsa or granola from heaven.  Also missing: all our farmer's market friends.  There was good honey and hummus though, so we have some consolation.
A strawberry frozen lemonade was more our pace flavor-wise, not that Daddy or Mommy got any.

I apologize for the delay!  Part of my phone broke and we needed to buy a card reader to help get the photos off my phone.  We are set now though!  I have lots more to share, it's been a full two weeks since I posted.  Thanks for being with us, at least in cyberspace.  If you think of it though, send us a text, or leave a comment (here or on FB), it makes blogging WAY more fun!  Thanks to my Grandma Jennings for all the feedback, you ROCK!!


Molli Mc G said...

I love reading your updates, and seeing different parts of your new adventure!

Becca said...

Thank you, Molli!!

Faye Harris said...

We love reading these newsy "letters". It makes you feel closer than you are geographicly. Something just doesn't look right with that spelling. Anyhow, this week I made applesauce with Lodi apples and I turned the handle the right way and, lo and behold, the applesauce came out the shoot. Then I made 4 pints of dill pickles using dill and cukes from out garden!! Andy and Missy and the kids are leaving for Niagra Falls tomorrow morning. You know about Biz. That's all the news I can think of from here. Much love to all of you. G & G