Saturday, July 25, 2015

Oregon Adventures VIb

Rest of the week in pictures:

Friday morning we set out to pick up Ezra from camp.  On the way, we saw this impressive lumber yard!

Here he is with his buddies after a week together at Drift Creek Camp.

That's when the fun started.  I mean the pain.  So, Ezra was whooped, understandably.  But, we needed to eat lunch and we were right by the ocean, so a quick picnic was in order before we headed home.  Everything seemed to go wrong.  Upon arriving at the new beach we were excited about, I realized (#1) I left the picnic cooler full of food on the kitchen floor at home.  So, we picked up some fish and chips to go.  No biggie.  We head back to the beach.
I set the pop that we were to share on a very stable log of driftwood beside us.  As we began to eat, a gust of wind came and (#2) knocked the pop off the log and it melted into a sandy oblivion and on Ezra's flip flop.  Two Wiglets completely melted down for numerous minutes.  One even took the said flip flop and drank from it the few drops that hadn't been lost in the sand, much to his mother's horror.

#3. Jelly fish.  "Hey mom!  I saw a jelly fish!"  Dubious, "That's seaweed," Ezra, "No, behind that, Mom, look!"  Yup!  Jellyfish.  So, I told him to stay away, they could sting him and some are very poisonous.  I know someone who knows someone who almost died from a jellyfish sting. He says, "It didn't hurt when I picked it up."  I was ready to go at that point and should have.  I kept freaking out about the jellyfish that Ez touched.  They were everywhere!  Two very nice ladies came by and encouraged us that there are many non-stinging jelly fish, so I let the kids touch them after that.

See it?
Just then, (#4) I look up and a giant crow flew past us with something orange in it's mouth making his orange beak look twice as big.  I watched it fly past and said, "I have a bad feeling that bird just invaded our picnic."  We all ran to the blanket and the Styrofoam container that I had combined all the leftover food in, had a hole in the top of it.  All of the fish was taken, Ezra's granola bar was gone too.  Exhausted, Ezra was back to crying, which Juni decided to join in.  She was not over-tired, hungry, nor had she lost food to a crow, but nonetheless, she sobbed along side Ezra over the loss.  I decided at that point we needed to leave.

#5 The Bathroom: I ask everyone to try going to the bathroom before we embark on our hour and a half trip home.  Phoebe protested insisting that she did not need to go and was personally offended that I would question her.  So, the one who had not been crying, began to cry WAIL.

  After potty efforts, and all three still sniveling, I sit them down in the grass and get the (#6) Magic Powder.  As I shook the  powder on their feet and legs, the sand amazingly brushed off them and they named it, "Magic Powder".  Where did it come from?  What is it?  It smells so good!  They climbed in the car announcing that they all wanted Magic powder for their birthdays.  As they played with this idea happily in the car, I shook my head in wonderment at the emotional insanity surrounding me.

Look at the funny ad I found for Magic Powder (1979)!

...and that was the end of our sixth week in Oregon.


Anthony and Michelle said...

Ok so I just now read this. How lovely to laugh here as I lay in bed! Hilarious, albeit not fun at the time! Well written Becca! Particularly thought of your lovely children this week and was wishing for an Ezra conversation! Michelle

Becca said...

Thanks Michelle! I miss you! Thanks for reading. Love you guys!

Molli Mc G said...

You have such a gift for writing! I love reading your adventures, and really appreciate your positive attitude in challenging situations. Miss you!