Monday, August 17, 2015

Oregon Adventures IX

I love water pad pictures.  They are so happy!

Tuesday, we went peach picking with our friends, the Linds.  I had never heard of Veteran peaches, guess we're not veteran peach pickers yet!  They were very good, similar to our favorite Contenders.  For those thinking of peach picking who haven't, it goes really quick.  Like ten minutes to get almost 20 pounds.  They're big and heavy compared to berries and before you know it, it's over.  We paid $1/pound.

There is a road near us that we take as a quick route to most places.  It has a train tracks going down them, and once in a while, there's a train on them!  Ben had seen it a few times, I hadn't and of course I took a picture when I did finally get to drive along side a train down the road. 

Saturday, we decided to do something much calmer than last weekend.  Ben's words were, "Let's visit something beautiful."  We ended up choosing Silver Falls State Park in Sublimity, OR.  There are ten water falls in a 7 mile hike.  You can walk behind three of the falls. 
It was very lovely, see for yourself!

It was about an hour away from our rental home in Keizer, Oregon.  We took Ben's '67 Plymouth Fury and I wore a scarf in my hair to look the part.

There were black fields around us and the odd smell of beef jerky looming around us.  It dawned on us that the fields were burnt!  Locals later informed us that this is  common practice in this area to purge unwanted insects and weeds from a field as well as provide nutrition to the soil.

 We did a shorter hike circuit of about 2.6 miles rather than seven and saw two water falls instead of ten.

Evidently, during a drought, the waterfall doesn't splash you in the face as much when you walk behind it.  We were told by some that it might do that.  I think this waterfall is far from it's normal splendor right now, but still lovely.

Finding treasures along the way!

The second fall we saw.

Phoebe wants you all to know about her favorite edible weed: wood-sorrel.  It tastes like lemon!  Make sure the leaves are heart shaped.  We have never seen them so large as at this state park!

Well, this took me some time to get posted, but here it is!  Lots more to catch you all up on!  We closed on our house Friday, but don't get the keys till today.  We are excited about it!  Anybody free this Saturday?  We appreciate any help moving and are providing lunch and dinner to helpers!  Let me know, if so! :-)

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