Sunday, August 2, 2015

Oregon Adventures VII

Our seventh week began with a short return to the Gilbert Hall Children's museum.  With a membership, we figure it's our duty to try and go once a week in the Summer and perhaps every other week in the school year.  Ezra is not hitting Phoebe on the head as this optical illusion suggests.  

Phoebe and Juni had their intake appointments at our new doctor's office.  

Tuesday, we had an adventure trip to visit a friend in Dayton, Oregon who attended LeTourneau University the same time we did and also married their college sweetheart.  On they way (25 minute drive in a new direction -NW), we passed these interesting fields, miles of them.  Clusters of what looked like grapes hung down around them and they were almost as tall as a telephone pole.  See answer at bottom of what it is.  My friend had to tell me when we arrived what these were.

Then we saw an eagle's nest, which was pretty exciting.  
THEN, we were surprised when the road ended.  
The sign said $2 for ferry ride across.  You would have thought we had gone to Cedar Point Amusement Park.  We were all excited and nervous at the same time.

It was just a wee ferry.  You can ride it for free as a pedestrian, so we could go back and forth all day if we wanted.  {{Memory Lane trip next - skip if you like}}  Once upon a time (May 1998), Ben and I visited my parents in England while they were living there.   We did a tour of Scotland to honor Ben's ancestry visiting Wigtown, Scotland, which, if you say with a good Scottish accent comes out, "Wigton".  Another place we stopped in Scotland was Inchmahome Priory. To get to it, you stand on a dock and turn a sign and wait.  Eventually, a very old man arrives in a little boat.  For 50 pence he'll give you a lift to the priory which is surrounded by the only lake in Scotland (not a loch): Lake of Menteith.  No cars, but very similar otherwise.  Our trip to Dayton reminded me of this fun memory.  Somewhere I have cheesy pictures of Ben and I kissing at the Inchmahome ruins.  OK, back to 2015.

The sweetest family ever: The Sweets!  Jeannette Sweet and I were in the women's dormitory together at LeTourneau at the same time.  She also homeschools her kids, so we had lots to talk about (while Phoebe stuck stickers to me).

Later in the week, we visited the "O-port" according to Phoebe.  She's been working on it and it sometimes get corrected to "Orport" or "Airpert".  Ezra and Juni are determined to teach her the proper pronunciation.  He showed us the newest toy: a remote control helicopter lift.  Here's a video of it in action, if anyone is curious.

Daddy's desk. When he comes home from work, I noticed the kids say, "How was Garmin?" rather than work.  It's almost like they think he's visited an old friend all day!

Saturday morning, we did pottery at home, as promised to a certain almost 7 year old.

Phoebe's showed a lot of character.

That afternoon, we went to Salem's public library to read to animals, wasn't that nice of us?!  It may be our new ministry. :-)

Not shown was us being home the rest of the week.  We enjoyed it very much!

ANSWER: Hops! See it leaping up to the sky?

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