Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Oregon Adventures X

We had a lovely picnic with Salem Mennonite church, which we visited once before (and went to their camp).  It was at a gorgeous farm halfway to the coast from Salem (about 45 min.).  

They had meditative activities to choose from such as coloring, writing out Scripture, a drum circle, and feeding the baby goats and sheep. After lunch we went on a hayride together to visit a Christmas tree farm and Christmas tree SEED farm.  I learned a lot about the reproduction of conifer trees.  It was a lovely day and we were smitten by the people and the scenery.

 That week, we had orientation for Classical Conversations, meeting more people we will be spending the school year with.  We went to drama time at Gilbert House Children's Museum, which the kids loved!  Also, I went to a homeschool planning night with other moms where they were making chore charts, laminating things, creating spiral bound books of work for each semester and plotting out their school year.  It was fun!  

That weekend, since the last of our equipment had arrived, I finished the lyrics to the geography songs and we dived into recording 12 geography songs and 12 science songs (which my Ohio friend, Susanne, wrote).  All contain the memory work our kids will need to memorize in Classical Conversations.  If I can figure out how to share any of the music with you all I will!  We have them in .wav and .mp3 formats, but neither are easy to put on a blog.

Like our setup to absorb sound waves?  Ben said it sounded like we were in a bathroom, and so put blankets everywhere.


We busted out 24 songs in two days!  I am so happy we got it done!  Now to do the other 24 before Christmas so we can have the second semester covered.  Ben and I love singing and recording together.  We may have to start making our own kids music CDs just to have an excuse to sing together.  I love that man'o'mine!

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