Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy September!

Is it me or is time flying by these days? I barely realize it's September and it's nearly half over. We went out to the grass runway at the airport today and played. We got to pretend what it would be like to have a yard bigger than our little strip of poopy grass behind our house. I took toys, let the dogs run, Z didn't know what to do with all the open space. He just stayed confined to a small area until I started making a game out of running back and forth down the runway. Then he started briskly walking (he doesn't run yet) and kept going and going! Daddy took a break from his busy day to join us. Mommy group was today too, so somebody was extremely tired tonight! Also, I'm thinking about taking piano lessons (a lifelong dream) and had an interview with a piano teacher tonight. I have to decide if I'm ready to commit to the daily practice and growing pains one undergoes when learning something new. I think I'm ready.


Deanne said...

What a fun day! I think your guaranteed some good sleep tonight. :) Piano lessons eh? Let us know what you decide!

Chris said...

Piano lessons? Wow! I hope you love them and I'm sure you'll be awesome! I took lessons for years as a kid. I know they were good for me, but I hated them. I know it would be different if it was something I was choosing to do now.