Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fifth trip this year!

Yet another weekend in West Virginia! Oh what joy it is to be in the wilderness with your little wild child and naked dogs! We decided it was time to give Z's hair a trim, as his mullet was getting into his eyes. Some Twizzlers and Nutter Butters got him through the act, Mommy could have used something stiffer. Once I got cutting, it wasn't so bad, it was just getting over the thought of cutting off his baby hair forevermore.
Before his first haircut...


... and after!

Daddy and Z in the lake getting splashed by Jenna!

Bekah and Ally being silly together

Jenna, Ally, Mary and I painted rocks together on Sunday.
It's fun, you should try it!

Home again, washing the car with Daddy.

Z's favorite thing in the world: drinking out of the hose.
Next time, I should have some haircut pictures of my own to share! Not sure what I'm getting done yet, but soon I'll have to make my mind up! Next month, Z and I will be visiting my grandparents in Tennessee (flying one way, then driving back up with them). I am so excited I found a ticket for $89 for a direct one way flight! I'm pleased with my bargain! Ben already has plans to get some pipes fixed while we're gone. Aren't husbands normally unmotivated to do stuff around the house? Not mine! I'm very blessed! Z likes to have a job to do too, we're finding it's very important to give him some sort of responsibility when possible. For instance, he "cleans" his high chair tray after every meal. He's very verbal these days, here's some of what he's saying:

"Deggie" (Veggie as in Veggie Tales)
"Titty" (for Kitty!)
"Get you"
"See it"
"Do it"
"I do it!"
"Where Da?"

If he keeps this up, he'll be sitting next to the teacher like his Daddy did for talking too much!


Chris said...

I'm so impressed, you multitalented DIY woman you! I'm so afraid to cut D's curls myself. You did a fabulous job.

Kristina said...

great job cutting the hair! Quite impressive.

I know what you mean about cutting the baby hair. My daughter will be three next month and I still haven't cut her hair. I keep telling myself that I will, but then I just can't. I think it is easier with a girl to find excuses not to cut. :)

Jenn said...

What a great job with the haircut. Good thinking with the nutter butters and twizzlers! And smart woman to do it outside - little clean up!