Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hello World! So glad you visited! While you're here, check out our new list of WigFriends on the sidebar! If you're not on there, either I need your URL or you need a blog! It's nothing personal. I avoided the list for eons so as to not offend people I left off, but my mom said she'd like to visit our relatives and our mutual friends more easily, so I did it for her. As a side note, I just got distracted by this neato blogger thing called "Blogger Play", it plays a slide show of all the pictures recently uploaded to people's websites. It was mesmerizing! Someday maybe I'll list my favorite websites I like to visit. I like lists, really I do!

Well, I have a long update on the piano lessons. Friday I had decided I would, in fact, take lessons. Saturday morning at 3:30am we were in the ER with Z. In a nutshell, his temperature went from 103.9 degrees to 96.2 in twelve hours (both rectal temps taken by docs). He was freezing for over 8 hours and sleeping super deep, I could hardly wake him up (not normal for Z). At one point I couldn't find his pulse. I almost peed my pants! It was truly the scariest thing I've ever been through. ER doc said he had a double ear infection and that it's normal for their temps to run the gamut and for kids to sleep super hard. He's on antibiotics and feeling fine now, a little congested at night is all. So, after all that, we left for Toledo as we had planned (see pics below), and talked a lot in the car. I decided on the way that when things like this come up, we need to have enough cash to cover it (if even in payments) without dipping into savings. So, no piano lessons yet...but I did buy the books (for "older beginners" tee hee) and have already started my independent study. Thankfully, my hubby plays and can answer questions as they arise! So, our kid is OK and I'm learning piano.

Ben finished installing electricity into his sister's garage in Toledo over the weekend. His other sisters, Bekah and Debbie came and we had fun hanging out while the boys (Ben and Jeremy, Biz's hubby) worked outside. Oh, we also visited Dad W's fiance's lake house on Lake Erie. It was fancy! While I was there my topaz fell out of my ring setting, the one Ben gave me for our tenth anniversary! Argh! I knew I liked that ring too much! It has yet to be found.
Biz and me

Helping clean Aunt Bizzy's house (notice the bear butt)

Z and Aunt Debbie

I love Biz's taste in decorating and took a picture of her totally awesome chandelier to share with you! Hope she doesn't mind!
We had "Lapsit" today at the library, tomorrow is Mommy Group and Thursday we're representing our alma mater at a college fair, while Bekah and Debbie babysit. Thanks ahead of time, guys!!! Well, that's all the news from little New Philadelphia! Hope your week is full of happy memories and thankful thoughts.


Anonymous said...
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kimmy said...

i am glad we are on ur list.. oh tristan has a viral infection is what the doctor said all we can give him is tyenol.. his temp was up to 100.8 by the doctor... then tonight he vomited all over me i had to go get another shower.. my father in law was like haha he got you good.. i was like ahhh yukkies... anyways now he is out cold... again....

talk to you soon..

love kim

Chris said...

I love Biz's chandelier! Thanks for sharing.