Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wee little Wii man

While I was on the phone with my parents, Z found the Ovaltine jar and I found him squishing it between his fingers then cramming fistfuls into his mouth. Had to get a picture, I was laughing so hard!

Monday night Z's buddy, Dominic, came over to play. I love how they both stir their respective vegetables with such care. We got a taste of what it's like to manage two that night and we decided we could get used to it. Of course, it helps, Dominic is super easy to care for.

Our Wii little boxer
Aunt Debbi came over last Sunday night and we showed off our son's talents on Wii boxing. It's great for wearing him down and gives us a good laugh as well. For those without sound, you're not missing much, so no worries. FYI, he has knocked out several Wii men and even won one game all on his own. We are being super careful to distinguish between hitting people in real life and punching with the Wii remote. We think, if we're consistent, this won't be a problem and so far it hasn't. I'm sure we'll make graver mistakes in our parenting if we're wrong.

Web World
Just found a neato link on my friend, Kristina's site. It's a website that has free audio and cyber books on it. In other words, you can click on a book (they have lots) then either read it on-line or sit and listen to it. Who has time to sit and listen to a book? I know, I thought the same thing, but Kristina says she turns a book on and gets stuff done like knitting or exercising. Love it! To use, I clicked under "Listen" on "Librivox Catalog" (since I don't have an iPod to do Podcast), then browsed their entire catalog, clicked on a book, then clicked on one of the MP3 links under it and Voila! I was listening to a book! I thought this would be particularly nice for people who have lost their sight or maybe did some sort of mindless work. When I was driving a whole lot I used to check out books on CD at the library to pass the time and got to listen to some awesome books that way. These could be burned onto a CD or put on an MP3 player or IPod for the same traveling enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

The first time I listened to a book that way, I tried to do it at bedtime ... I kept falling asleep in the middle of chapters, so had no idea where I had left off! I think that I listed to a few chapters several times because of that.

BTW - I'm not sure how I was able to do that at bedtime. My kids must have been sleeping better back then!

Anonymous said...

your little Wii man is so cute and hilarious. He needs to get together with Molly. She's a Wii champ!


Jenn said...

Messes like that are such fun memories...minus the clean-up memory.