Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Swim classes started again! He's much more comfortable in the water this year (Z not Ben).Found this on one of my college roommate's blog. Not sure how exactly they're defining "genius"! Interestingly, three of my four college roomies have blogs: Lana, Stephanie and Chrisie! Do visit, they're all fascinating women!
Here's some snippets of our night the other night. I just missed some really funny dancing but still got a little bit on this first video which you can't hear very well at all. In the second one he was initially waiting for me to take his picture, but soon gave up and started his usual grabbing of whatever he can find on the table. If you listen you can hear "slurping" of the white spoon he pretends to lick!

As promised, here's the latest installment of "Becca's Favorite Things":
Got dry skin? I do! Eucerin Plus: Intensive Repair Body Creme healed the eczema on my scalp (although it came back when I stopped using it, but it does that when I use prescription cremes too!). Next, we have the best spray since insect repellent. Suave Professionals: Volumizing (Compare to Matrix) costs under $3 and works every bit as good as professional styling spray. I tried their curl scruncher in the green bottle and didn't like it much, but this, this is outstanding! Fly-aways and frizzies are a thing of the past, I'd recommend this for any hair type, especially inconsistently wavey hair like mine.

"Learn how to drive, people!"

In today's friendly driving reminder we address turning onto a multi-lane road. When turning onto a multi-lane road (see diagram below), whether in a left or right hand turn, you should turn into the lane nearest you even if you want into the far lane. Once in the nearest lane apply turning signal and cautiously move into the desired lane. This allows traffic to continue safely from two directions.
Money for Nothin'
Let's talk money! My favorite way to make free money right now is on
When I first started my American Dream savings account with them the rate was at 5% APY, now it's down to 4.55% I believe, but that shouldn't stop you. You have to have a regular bank account somewhere to sign up then they send two small amounts of money (like say 42 cents) into your account to verify that your account really exists. You enter on their site how much you received and you're done! If you have bank statements online it's super easy, or you can call your bank for the amounts. Once you've done that one time you're good to go and can set up as many online savings accounts as you want.

What I like (besides making over $15 a month for doing nothing) is that I'm getting CD interest rates with the luxury of being able to take it out anytime. Yes, I've tried and it's as simple as click, click and it's back in your checking account at your local bank. Since I started my first account in October 2007 I've gotten inspired and started several other savings accounts: Christmas, Vacation, Z's College Fund and I'm thinking about starting more for things like car insurance that's due once a year, dentist appointments, and home school supplies so we're ready to go in three years. Anyways, do ask if you have questions!

Web World
Surprise! Since I've always been so overwhelmed by all there is to see on the web, I was glad to find that someone sorted through it all and came up with a list of the best websites on The Webby Awards. Click over to their site and you'll find a really long list of categories, their winners from 2007 and the runner-ups. You can even enter your own website to be a nominee for the 2008 Webby Awards.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my new topics of interest! I plan to feature them again in the future whenever I'm inspired. I welcome contributions, corrections and suggestions. Please e-mail those to me: becca wigton at tusco . net (take the spaces out and switch the at-sign). Other people I respect are publishing their e-mail that way for security purposes, so I'm following their lead.

Before signing off, I must share (since I shared last week), that all of the sudden, we have fully weaned Z from nursing! When I say we, I mean we! My husband is off work Sundays and Mondays and Saturday night we decided since he was off the next two days we should make a go of this. He dealt with Z all night both nights by himself, while I slept in the other room. I think Ben would agree the first night was the only difficult night we've had. Since then, Z has gotten better and better about putting himself back to sleep when he wakes up twice a night out of habit. In fact....are you ready for this? Last night was the fourth night since cutting him off and he slept the entire night through! Yay Z! 9pm to 6:30am! Not bad at all! I cried a lot Sunday because I realized my little boy was growing up, but now that this is working out for all of us I'm really happy! And they said, "Oh, he'll be sleeping through the night by six months!" Heh, heh, heh. Try almost 19 months! Better late than never, I guess! Yes, Aunt Debbi, this means future sleepovers!


Jenn said...
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becca said...
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Anonymous said...

Ezra, Daddy, & Mommy!!!!!

Sleep well every night. And, get over those colds soon.

Thanks for sharing & for the "Dancing of a Star" entertainment.

Anonymous said...

He is a good little dancer! Is that talent inherited?

congrats on the weaning/sleeping. Isn't it both sad and exciting to see them grow?

Nicki said...
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