Saturday, June 7, 2008


Just hit 100 posts with my last post and didn't notice till now. Very exciting!

I've mentioned in the past that I've got my carry and concealed weapons license and love to target practice. Not so much into shooting animals though. I'm looking forward to not being pregnant so I can go target practice again. Well, our local Rifle Club has an annual drawing that absolutely rocks! Some of you have mentioned that the next time they have it to let you know and so I am!

It's the Tusco Rifle Club 31 Gun Giveaway! Starting October 1st there will be a drawing for a gun every day for the entire month. Winners can choose between a gun and $250! Also, winning tickets get put BACK into the drawing. Last year someone won two guns! Tickets are $15 which goes to help support the upkeep of the Rifle Club. Winners need not be present. All guns must be picked up within 60 days. If you're out of state and would like to participate I'll see what arrangements can be made for you, just e-mail me.

Here's the 31 guns that are to be won. (Guns listed subject to availability).
1. Remington 700 SPS 270 Rifle
2. Ruger M77T MKII 204 Rifle
3. Springfield 1911 1A WMII MIL 45 Pistol
4. Marlin 1894 Cowboy 45 LC Rifle
5. Glock Model 17 9mm Pistol
6. Ruger Super Blackhawk 805 44 Mag Revolver
7. Browning Buckmark Camper 22LR Pistol
8. CZ 100 Target 9mm Pistol
9. Savage 111 FCXP 270 Rifle
10. Henry Golden Boy 22 Cal Rifle
11. Smith & Wesson M60 357 Revolver
12. Springfield XD40 40 Pistol
13. Remington 870 Exp-combo 12 GA Shotgun
14. Kimber Custom II 45 Pistol
15. Taurus Model 63 22 Cal Rifle
16. Remington SPR 220 Cowboy 12 GA Shotgun
17. Ruger MKIII Hunter 22 Cal Pistol
18. H&R Target Single Shot 47/70 Rifle
19. Remington Model 5 22 Cal Rifle
20. Walther Model P22 22 Cal Pistol
21. CZ ZKM452 17MZ Rifle
22. Ruger New Vaquero 45 LC SS Pistol
23. Thompson/Center Encore 50 Cal Rifle
24. Remington 1187 Super Mag 12 GA Shotgun
25. Ruger 10/22T 22 Cal Rifle
26. Marlin 336W 30/30 Rifle
27. H&R Target Single Shot 38/55 Rifle
28. Taurus Titanium Tracker 357 Pistol
29. CZ 453 Varmit 22 Cal Rifle
30. Taurus PT92 9mm Pistol
31. Remington 1100 Classic Trap 12 GA Shotgun

SEVEN TICKETS FOR $100 or $15 each
E-mail me at becca wigton at tusco dot net (remove spaces and change the 'at' and 'dot' to symbols) with your name and address. I think you can actually click straight to my e-mail by going to the bottom of WigLife (way way down at the very bottom), click on 'Becca', then under my profile click 'e-mail'! Once I get your money I'll get your tickets to you asap! Come on, join in the fun! Hope you win!!


kristina said...

congrats on the 100th post! :)

I always get so tickled when read about how you have a license and like to shoot. :)

Chris said...

That's the coolest!

Matthew Sebree said...

Send a couple tickets out with Ben and count me in! Thanks

Chris said...

Josh is deciding how many tickets he wants. :)