Wednesday, June 4, 2008


What a busy busy week we had last week. After returning from WV on Memorial Day, I cleaned the house (I mean UBER-cleaned) on Tuesday as I knew the rest of the week would be too busy to keep it up. Wednesday, Z and I went with the Mommy Group to the Akron Zoo. We had a lovely time and got in at a discounted rate due to having so many people. Sadly, the only monkey they had in residence passed away over the Memorial weekend and so we were left monkeyless...and giraffe-less, and elephant-less, and, well, they didn't have a whole lot to speak of, except two lions, a tiger and two bears. We still had a blast, got sun-burned and wore down the kids. I don't think I'd go back if I had to pay full price though, unless I had a guarantee their monkeys were alive.
One of the bears (insert Z saying, "ROAR!" here)
Six of the eight mommies that attended are expecting! (One left early)
So, to continue my photo-journal of last week, Thursday I had part 2 of a training on Motivational Interviewing at work. 7.5 CEUs for only $10! Thank you to Mary Jane and Gramma H for watching Z so I could get that bargain! I have to have 30 CEUs every two years to keep up my counseling license.

Thursday night I looked around and scrounged up some stuff from around the house to sell at the garage sale I was hosting for my friends. Turns out I found $95 worth of stuff! Which was spent the same weekend on little girl clothes (from my own garage sale, mind you!), and an upright deep freezer for the basement, found on for $50. Living in the business district allows us to have sales without having to buy a license, we didn't advertise anywhere, and I think we did really well making $620 all together.

Can you see Z playing on the ground in red?
The bag I sewed during the garage sale for Debbie's graduation present. Oh yeah, we went to her graduation party Friday night and picked up the deep freezer while we were up that way.
We learned from the garage sale that Z sleeps better if he's been really worn out during the day, so the next two nights we went to Tuscora Park to wear him down again. After lots of playing on the playground he got to ride the choo choo!
While we were at the park on Sunday, I was interviewed by a lady from the local paper often referred to as the "Times Distorter" instead of "The Times Reporter" for a piece about how the gas prices affect me. Evidently, the article ran on Monday. I'll see if I can get a copy to share my moment of fame with you! (We don't get the paper).

Now, that I've scratched the surface and told you what we did, I haven't begun to tell you all that's changed in our lives in the last week or so. I know, so dramatic, and yet, you're curious, aren't you? Well, let me say there's been physical changes, house-keeping changes, and financial changes. I actually blogged about it all already, then looked and it was the longest post ever! I decided to wait a day and post it tomorrow, so it's not so totally overwhelming. See you tomorrow!


Nicki said...

What a fun week! Congratulations on your yard sale that's a really good haul. (Even if you did reinvest :) ) I can't wait to hear about the changes tomorrow!

Chris said...

I'm coveting Debbie's adorable bag!