Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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Money For Nothin'
Hey there! It's been a while since I did one of these. I saved them up and have 3 money saving ideas for you today! They're very diverse in who they would apply to so, perhaps one will work for you...

1. Anyone taking Fish Oil? Calcium? Potassium? Well, there are prescriptions you can get from your family doctor for these and get them possibly cheaper by using your prescription insurance. Usually, it's cheapest if you ask for a three month prescription (times 3 if possible), then do mail order. Often I can get a three month supply for the same price of one month at the pharmacy. I started getting prescription Fish Oil since I've been pregnant, but anyone could ask their doc for any of these vitamins, they're just good for ya. Also, the pharmacist told me that people other than pregnant moms take prenatal vitamins, so you could ask your doc if that's an option for you too.

2. Regal Cinemas are having a Free Family Film Festival throughout the summer again. Yes this means free movies! Our local Regal cinema has two free kids movies (one G and one PG) at 10am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all summer long. They're even playing the Veggie Tales' Pirates Movie in July! Click here to find out what's showing and when at your Regal Cinema.

3. Now, this one you should know, but I'm just making sure that you do...yard sales are great and all for making some quick cash, but check this out. If you donate your crap (from clothes, books, toys to cars!) to a not-for-profit charity you can legally claim the fair market value of the item as tax deductible, which is often more than you would get for it at a yard sale. To clarify, you don't get the money back in your taxes, but you are not taxed on the amount claimed, just like tithe or other charitable giving. For more info on charitable donations click here. So, when you drop off your goods to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your local charity ask for a receipt, write on it the total amount the goods would be at fair market value and turn it in next March/April with your taxes. It'll help you out!

Web World
This one I know most of you know, but there's a few who haven't heard yet! Craigslist is an asset to you and your family! You need to check it out! It's on-line classifieds of people in your area wanting stuff and selling stuff. It's much easier to post on Craigslist than on ebay and it's really catching on. Plus, there's no shipping fees, because everyone is within driving distance of each other.

On a very similar note, but perhaps slightly less well known, there's FreeCycle where everything is free! Also organized by locations, I find mostly want ads in our area, but there are some posts of people giving things away, in my neighborhood! I shouldn't be surprised, people put things out on the curb all the time, but this is a much more high tech curb. Powered by Yahoo, registering is fast if you already have an account with them. Some groups will register you immediately(Canton, OH), and some want to think it over and get back with you (like Dover/Phila, OH).


Chris said...

Fun video! D is now jumping off the couch, but without the benefit of pillows. I'm about to remedy that. Thanks for the tips too!

Deanne said...

Thanks for the link to the free movies! I had looked online a few weeks ago to find that information and was not successful, so thank you!! I think it is something I will certainly do with the kids this summer!

Oh, and I love, love, love Craigslist! I mostly use it for selling our useless stuff, but it comes in handy for other things too. :)

I'll have to look into Free Cycle too. Thanks again for the info!

Anonymous said...

the closest regal theater is about 1.5 hours away. Sad. I know. All the *good* shopping is that far, as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Z seemed to be slowing down a bit at the end, so wearing him out must have worked. He's so adorable!!! Thanks for thinking of the grandparents! xxx ooo

...Enlarged Chris' photo. A beautiful family--all 3.
B, B, & Z: beautiful 3, too. (A very objective observation, of course.)