Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekend with cousins!

The day before Father's Day, here's Z making his Father's Day gift. We printed out a picture of this, gave it to him with the artwork and a bag of Riesens (Daddy's favorite).

Ben went to WV (yes the cabin) with his buddy, Matt, for one last hurrah before the baby comes. So, deciding not to stay home alone for four days, Z, the dogs and I imposed on Ben's brother's family for a couple of days. Seriously, it was as good as Disney World for Z! They have a full basement full of toys and wonderment, and a safe front and back yard complete with swings, a trampoline and best of all...a Barbie car that if I didn't know where Z was, I knew to look in the Barbie car. Thankfully, he couldn't quite work it yet, so he was easy to find. His older cousins, Jenna and Ally gave him rides around the yard and he loved it! Here he is with his younger cousin, Owen, cruising (in place) in the Barbie car!

Monday we got to go to one of Jenna's last T-Ball games for the summer. She did great!

Caught these two holding hands on the way out from the game. Z and his Great Grandpa H.
Yesterday was long long long without Ben. Z wouldn't take a nap until like 3pm. We were both in tears by the end of the ordeal. On a funnier note, I let my dog, Atticus, stay in the bedroom when we went up for the nap yesterday, thinking, he'll just sleep where he is. Well, he did, until Z started crying and screaming b/c I was insisting he take a nap which he was fighting. Then Atticus did what he always does when Z cries...he cried too. Loudly. Ben calls them ET and Elliot. It was so ridiculous I started laughing. I couldn't believe I was fighting with a two year old and my dog was screaming just as loudly as he was.

Thankfully, for sanity's sake, I'd scheduled a play date with my friend, Trisha, who's about to burst with another baby (they aren't going to find out what the sex is) and we had fun last night, she even kept me company for dinner. I'm busy this week with lots of sewing projects. My Navy girl (Jamie) is on a boat somewhere in the world and it's going to take a long time for her package to get to her, so I need to get that out! Oh, and did I mention everyone in the world's birthday is in June? Maybe just in my family, but oh my, I have a lot of sewing to do!

Ben comes home today, YAY!!!!


Nicki said...

Oooh my goodness, we needed that reminder about Jamie's birthday! We are such birthday slackers around here!

Chris said...

Welcome home, Ben! Sorry about the nap disaster. D always fights naps and cries himself to sleep almost every afternoon, but he only usually cries for about 5 minutes, and I've found it now goes more smoothly if I give him a book to look through until he conks out.

Chris said...

Oh, and I must say that Owen looks EXACTLY like his mommy!!