Friday, July 11, 2008

Becoming WV Natives

And we're back! How's everybody doing? We just got back from a week in West Virginia. We had a lovely time. Even though there was some rain, we got out on the lake everyday at least for a bit. Lots of pictures to share, so scroll down to see them.

I just checked our Baby Name List (button on the left side bar) and hold on to your seats! Elsa and Magdalene just over took Beatrice (who is now in 12th), Charlotte just overtook Naomi for 3rd and the big news, Nadia just overtook Meredith for first! Wow! There's some action for ya! Not that we're using this as much of a guide for name choosing, but it's fun to know what you guys think of our name list! Fifty five votes and counting! Thanks for your feedback!

Speaking of our little girl, whose name has yet to be chosen...I had my second ultrasound yesterday, which was so neato. Turns out she has super chubby cheeks! She made a few faces while we were watching her that looked just like faces Z makes! I hadn't told many people but my placenta had been low (almost previa they said), and I'd been praying for it to move up so I could have another natural birth, and the ultrasound showed that it did move up, so we should be good for that. Her heartbeat was like 137 during the ultrasound which is lower than Z's ever was measured in utero. Maybe she'll be calmer...:-). My little widget on the left isn't too far off estimating her weight at almost 3 pounds, as of yesterday she was 2 pounds 13 ounces.

My mother-in-law/midwife gave us a tour of the hospital we'll use this time. It has TWO rooms with birthing tubs in them, so that doubles my chances of getting one of those rooms when the time comes. There's several other perks about it too, not to mention it's slightly closer. Just being there seeing it all again made me so ready to have this baby! It was humbling though to see all the women at the office that were further along than I am. I'd been feeling as though I were as big as a house, but when I saw them, due in less than a month, I realized I wasn't all that huge yet. It'll come.

While at mom's office, we measured Z and he hasn't gained much weight, measuring in at 32.5 pounds and about 3 feet even. He has finally cut two of his two year molars that we can see. The two on top are mysteries as he'll bite if we try to feel for them and goodness knows he'd never willingly open his mouth for us at just the right angle to see. We won't talk about what I weighed in at, but my teeth are just fine. My SI joint/hip is giving me some trouble, but as long as I never lay on my left side, I'm fine. Oh, and this baby should be super duper hairy as much heartburn as I've had!

Z on the beach at our family cabin in WV. Within a couple minutes he was laying on his belly in the water like he does in the bathtub. Oh, the water is super warm as it's used to cool down a power plant nearby.

Z and two of his three cousins (Ally & Jenna)

Z and Jenna being fishies

Right before they left, Ben's cousin, Megan (who played in our wedding when she was like 12) gave Z a quick violin lesson and let him pluck the strings and have fun with it. She was great with him. She attends FL State as a Music Performance major, and is definitely the best violinist I've ever met!
I have lots of pictures of a propeller being put on a windmill, but I'm gonna post those another time. So, my camera ran out of batteries before our week was up or else there would be more pictures. Ben flew out and gave airplane rides to his family. It was lovely and we can't wait to go back!


Chris said...

You have to call me and discuss baby names! Haven't been able to get hold of you since you called end of last week. Miss you. So glad your ultrasound went well and everything looks good.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you don't have placenta previa. I'm sure it is a HUGE relief for you and Ben. :)