Friday, July 25, 2008

Just a little bit to share...

Modern Day Mayberry
Back by popular demand, I had to chuckle when I saw this down the road from my house. Yesterday, I heard tons of sirens, found out from my friend, Melissa, there was a house on fire near the high school. Turns out, a boy was playing with the signal flare on a boat, set it off and caught the boat on fire, which caught the side of the house next to it on fire. Which, as you can see, also singed the neighbor's house too a bit.

These fine entrepreneurs were making the most of the local gawkers and rubber neckers by selling Kool-Aid. Two of the boys said they live in the house that was burnt, and all denied that it was them that started the fire. "It was a little kid," they said. "Oh," I replied, "how old?" "Seven" they replied. Just a baby to them, I guess. "Do you plan to donate what you make to help repair the house?" "I do with my part of the money," replied the one on the right. Yes, I did buy a glass of green Kool-Aid, which my son screamed for, it was his first Kool-Aid!

Last week, I was surprised with a box in the mail. In it, was this perfectly knit baby girl sweater and matching hat, and a shirt for Z and a note. It was from my friend, Kristina, over at Yarnsticks. I found her site when I Google searched, "free washcloth patterns" about a year and a half ago. I got reading her site and left her a comment that I was in awe of her knitting abilities, which I still am. We got writing and regularly e-mail nowadays about theology, personal stuff and budgeting. She has become my mentor in how to CVS shop for pennies and to maintain a budget. Oh, and she inspired the recycling of junk mail I told you about in my last post. We have lots in common including a son and a daughter (soon), and a love of craftiness, cleverness and resourcefulness. Receiving a home-made gift from her, is so special because it reinforces that she's real (not just an internet persona), really can knit, and is truly a sweetie heart. Thanks so much, Kristina! By the way, those are tiny heart buttons!!!

Cooking with Becca
I'm just so excited to have made these, I just had to share. I love Indian food and love love love vegetarian Samosas. While sitting in some doctor's waiting room a few months ago, I read that you can make you own quickie samosas. A long time ago, I had my friend, Audrey over and we made from scratch, home-made samosas, where we rolled out the dough, boiled potatoes with veggies, then deep fried them. They were awesome, but took all day to make. Here's the cheater version. Buy pre-made pie crusts, and roll them out. Cut into triangles and with cold water seal two sides together to make a pocket. Stuff with the below, seal, and bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes. No frying, no making dough! It gets better...
The stuffing is just potatoes, random veggies and seasoning, fried in a little butter or ghee if you have it. Get this, you can use fake potato flakes if you want for the potatoes! I actually had more potatoes than flakes, and so boiled potatoes. I never had tried running cold water on them right after boiling, but I did it and sure enough, the skins just about fell off. I was feeling lazy and was planning on throwing them in skins and all, but they came off easy. This is really backwards, sorry, but here's the beginning. Into some melted ghee or butter I toss in frozen corn, peas, chopped bell pepper, carrots, garlic and onion. Also, the seasonings (chili powder, cumin seeds, coriander powder, cardamom, celery salt and sea order of most to least). Fry up till the carrots are soft, add cubed boiled potato or fake mashed potato, stir and fry for about ten minutes. Use a little spoon and stuff your triangles, seal and bake. Voila! And they're better for you because they're not deep fried!

OK, so, it's the longest post ever (or maybe this one is). This is what we finally decided on for a solution to Z's birthday present. We researched sandboxes and found them ridiculously expensive for what they are and set out to find one used. This, though old, came with a lid that fits well and is sturdy enough for several kids to jump on it, and is big enough to allow two kids to play inside and was only $25. We had a gift card to Home Depot and so the sand was only $14. So, we're happy we didn't break the budget and Z has something fun to do everyday on our own back porch!

Warning to those with foot squeamishness, the following photos may contain a lot of foot nudity.
By the way, last week I featured my whole belly as I got a doppler reading, this week my feet, next week I'm thinking a close-up of my elbow. Whaddaya think? About ten years ago I bought these Doc Martens from a seconds shop in England when my folks still lived there. Probaby paid $40 for them. Definitely got my money's worth. This week they were replaced. Drum roll please...
Anyone heard of Earth shoes? I knew from my friend, Cara, that they were awesome and had been wanting a pair for years. Found these on on sale, then found a coupon code on their site for 20% off, then got another 10% off for registering with the site. And they always have free shipping. Earth shoes are neato because they tilt your feet back (Kalso negative heels) in a way that makes you have better posture, which relieves back pain and burns more calories when you walk (toning thighs and calves, they say). I'll let you know when I've worn them for a few months if any of this is true. They're not very exciting looking, but they'll go with most everything and they are very comfortable. Eric, at the airport, called them "Jesus sandals", yeah, but will these soles never die? (Bad pun, I know) We'll find out as I wear them for the next decade, but I do really really like them! The only problem I'm having is reaching over my belly to buckle them.
Z is still recovering from his MMR reaction, but is slowly getting back to his normal self (it's been a doosy of a week!). The doctor confirmed that it's just a reaction, nothing else. No fevers anymore now, thank the Lord. We've got big plans for this weekend, I'm sure you'll hear all about it, and no, it's not in WV! Thanks for reading, I believe that's all folks!


Anonymous said...

Green kool aid. Did they have that when we were kids? I remember when blue was new.

I am impressed by the kids thinking to take advantage of the situation. Quite the little entreprenaurs. :)

I am so glad you like the sweater and hat. You make it look so much prettier laid out like that in the picture.

You are such a good person, Becca, and I have really enjoyed getting to know you. I sometimes wonder why I blog, but then have to remind myself that if I did not blog, that I would have missed out on gaining a really great friend. :)

Nicki said...

That is a beautiful sweater set!

I'll be interested to see how you like your shoes, I love my Borns but they are NOT holding up over time like they have previously. It's making me sad but if I'm spending $40-$50 on shoes I expect them to last me more than a summer (or 2)!

Chris said...

The sweater set is one of the cutest I've ever seen! Wow.

Love the sandbox! D saw the picture and said, "Boat! San in dadt boat Mommy!"

And I think your new sandals are very cute. I like all the little straps.