Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lake House

Here's some pictures of our time last weekend at Ben's Dad and Amy's Lake House, I think you can make the slideshow bigger if you click on it. Just a two hour drive away, we had a lovely time. I only wish I'd gotten some pictures of the hosts! Sorry guys! I also missed out on pics of Ben's sisters, Biz, Debbie, Bekah and her boyfriend, Jeremy. Time flies when you're having fun!

Z is feeling better now and getting his appetite back. I only wish he weren't in the whiney, "No, No, No!" phase right now. Then things would be perfect. Thankfully, he's only randomly saying "No" and not to us when we tell him to do things. I wonder where he got that from...

We're in the market for a cheap, used, pop-up camper or something small like that to sleep in when we go to WV. Often there's so many people that go, it would be nice to not take up one of the two bedrooms, which we've been so graciously given time and time again since I've been pregnant. If anyone has advice for us in the world of RVs, do share! We don't know much. Thanks!

Finally...Christmas in July (at least it's still July today)...
We made home-made ornaments last year for family for Christmas and couldn't share about them with you or else I'd ruin the Christmas surprise. So, I took pictures and planned to share them later. Since I'm just starting to think about Christmas presents and what I can make I thought I'd share our last year's Christmas craft with you:

Using foam paper from the local craft store, we used a razor blade and cut out circles (with a glass as our guide). It was hard not to make them stringy (or hairy), but the razor worked the best for us. Ben was better at doing this part.

We glued tiny pictures (printed from a Kodak machine) to each little circle. I considered putting our names or the year on one side and a picture on the other, but opted for two pics instead.

...glued the circles together...

I made wire hangers with beads on them, you can use ribbon or a paper clip, anything would work. Foam paper pierces easily.

We got fancy and crocheted the edges with cotton string, but you could have kids help and weave pipe cleaners or yarn around the edges. This helps detract from any hairy edges on the outside. Yes, Ben crocheted a bunch too!

And voila! Each ornament is two-sided.

I have no idea what we'll do this year!!! Something easier. My Sweetie heart would like that, I think.


kristina said...

awesome craft idea!! I really need to start on some Christmas gifts. Thanks for the nudge. :)

Trish D said...

What great pics - it looks like you all had a wondeful time. We've been debating about getting a camper, too, but for now we're just sticking with the tent, so no words of wisdom for you :)

BTW, you've been tagged!