Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Wigginess

I was tagged by one of my college roommates, Stephanie, to share the fourth picture in the fourth album in my collection of pictures on my computer. I tag no one as usual. The above was taken by my Dad when he was visiting in June of 2007. So, Z was only one year old here. He looks so little to me here!

Juju Update!
The history. Juju has had nasal congestion at night since she was one week old. As we weren't sure what caused this we had her checked out by an Ear, Nose & Throat doc who used a fibre-optic scope up her nose to make sure everything was OK. More recently a different doc had blood drawn so that we could check out what she might be allergic to, perhaps in my diet, as she is breast-fed. I've been abstaining from most foods that are typical allergens (wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs, citrus fruits and beef). Evidently, the blood allergy test cannot detect allergies to foods you haven't had an allergic reaction to recently. So, my diet likely skewed the test results for the foods I had been avoiding.

Two bummers and a praise. They didn't test for many things because they couldn't draw much blood due to her being only 4 months old. The only two things on the list that she had been exposed to were soy and dust mites. Both were negative so that's happy. I was really frustrated that eggs, wheat and nuts weren't on the test list, but since I wasn't eating them anyways, they would have likely been negative.

The plan. Last week I reintroduced beef. This week I'm reintroducing wheat into my diet. Next week, I think I'll eat an egg and see what happens. At some point I might try and reintroduce dairy, but previous experiences convince me that she has at least an intolerance to dairy. We have good nights and bad nights, but she's loud enough we've had to move out of the family bed so the boys can sleep.

In other news, Juju is officially a thumb sucker! She has even found her thumb in her sleep on occasion. Big brother continues to be an absolute love to her and kisses her and nuzzles with her.

Learn to Drive!
I've been wanting to explore the issue of two way stops for a while now. We have a two way stop outside our house, as we live on a corner. There are constant accidents happening at this intersection. Part of the reason is because once upon a time our intersection was a four way stop and people forget that it's changed now. Part of the reason, though, is also because of the Modern Mayberry way of dealing with two way stops. It's called "waving". No one knows who has the right of way and therefore accidents happen. Was she waving me to go, or was that a thank you wave? I don't know! Personally, I'd rather not be waved at, I'd rather know what the rule is and follow it. Of course, it was be ideal if everyone knew the rule.

So, here it is! The written law was quite indiscernable, so the following is the best answer I could find on the internet* about who has the right of way at two way stops :
The person who arrives first has the right of way, assuming BOTH people actually have a stop sign...The other 2 directions, that do not have a stop obviously have the right of way. Otherwise, it is the first to arrive.
If both arrive at the same time, it depends on who allows who to go, but typically the person going straight will be given the right of way. Once that first car has gone, the person turning left then has the right of way over anyone following the first car straight through.

* Please check your local area's laws to know what is legal in your area.


Nicki said...

Not being allergic to dust mites is a HUGE blessing. Maybe a bigger blessing at my house than yours :)

Waving at stop signs is one of my biggest pet peeves. Seriously, if it's your turn just go.

kendijo said...

I'm here to offer and apology for "the wave" from all of us people pleasers out there. We'd rather break the rule and make someone we don't know and won't ever see again think we're nice than learn the rule and follow it! We're crazy. We know.
On the other hand, we do understand the confusion we cause, and therefore will do our level best to remember the rule and go when it's our turn!
I love your blog title this week! I want to start dancing to it. You know, "...na na na na na na, gettin' wiggy wid it..."
I sure hope juju's breathing gets better. A sensitive baby is not the easiest thing in the world, and I'll be praying that her system will get used to things, so you can both be more comfortable!