Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Above is a picture Ben snuck of how we get Z to eat these days. Between being picky and easily distracted we have a hard time getting him to sit down for long. He eats a lot of buns with nutella or jam on them. I recently had success in getting him to eat hot dogs while I read him books from Mo Willems' Pigeon series. The pigeon loves hot dogs, which cracks Z up. Today, he ate carrots and grapes for me while he head banged to Daddy's music (Stavesacre), so music is another help.

We aren't pushing potty training anymore. We figure at some point he'll be ready and he'll let us know. Meanwhile, we just suggest it every few days and have a go at "trying" on the pot, usually to no avail. Lately when he's pooping, if we come near, he gives us the "hand", like "Stop right there". Today instead of the hand I gota verbal, "You go!" Definitely leave the boy alone when he's pooping.

Becca's Favorite Things
These are two of my favorite things lately. I'm still on that avoid all major allergens diet, until we know more from Juju's allergy test results in two weeks. I'm hoping she's not allergic to wheat, that's been hard to cut out. Well, I am positive that dairy is one of the culprits though, so that leaves me without chocolate as long as I'm nursing her. So, the above have been my chocolate fixes. They have no milk in them and you can use them with RICE MILK! Yay! The left works best as hot cocoa, the right is best cold. Honestly, I would never buy the one on the right if I could have Ovaltine, but as of now, it's all I can find to mix in cold rice milk that is sweet and chocolatey. Don't mix it up with GV's Hot Chocolate mix which does have milk in it! The Ghiradelli mix is good whether you're going dairy free or not. Yummm....

Here's a few other things I CAN eat on my crazy diet that avoids most major allergens except soy:
  • Beans and rice with miso and spices
  • Veggie Stir-fry
  • Turkey and rice vegetable soup
  • Chicken Mole and beans in corn tortillas
  • Chicken tacos with no cheese or sour cream
  • Yams (everyday for lunch)
  • Coconut chicken without almonds
  • Pad Thai, without shrimp, eggs or nuts
  • Any steamed vegetable (raw causes her too much gas)
  • Oatmeal or other cooked grains
  • Certain wheat-free granolas found in the organic cereal section
  • Toasted Brown rice bread with soy nut butter and honey or jam
  • Rice chips to snack on (the Sesame Seaweed are my favorite!)
  • Corn tortillas with salsa or guacamole
  • Power Balls made with Soy Nut butter and sans nuts or choc. chips
I really eat well, in fact the only thing I miss is my Ezekiel bread, which has sprouted wheat in it, so I'm avoiding it for now. I LOVE my Earth Balance spread (original not whipped) and almost chose that for my favorite thing, but the chocolate won. I really don't know what I'll do if she's allergic to soy as all my favorite condiments are soy based: soy sauce, Earth Balance, and miso.

We went for a walk in the snow the other day to the library and Juju fell asleep.
Both kids had vaseline on their cheeks, I learned that from my mother-in-law, thanks, Mom!


Anonymous said...

You can get dairy free chocolate (true dairy free that are not processed on shared equipment)... they are so expensive, though (like $5 a bag). They are a very rare and very special treat for me. I treat them like GOLD and try to spread out a bag for as long as possible.

Also, I have a yummy chocolate spooncake recipe that is delicious. It uses cocoa powder and I sub soy or rice milk for the regular milk.

I could go on. and on. and on. about all my yummy chocolate recipes.

Can you tell I am chocolate obsessed??

Peggy said...

Andrew broke out about a month ago, and we suspected the culprits to be wheat, soy, cheese, or tomatoes. So we had to cut them out of his diet and introduce them back slowly. We learned one can only eat so many rice cakes before you feel a bit left out!

I hope Juju's allergies are minor and you can eat all the good things again!

Chris said...

Missing you! Can't believe it takes so much effort to get Z to eat. Donovan asks for food all day long, starting about 5 minutes after he finishes breakfast.