Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On a lighter note

Daddy: "Dear"

Z: "Dear"

Daddy: "Jesus"

Z: "Jesusus"

Daddy: "Thank you"

Z: "Say thank you" :^D

Daddy: "for"

Z: "for"

Daddy: "our"

Z: "Arrrrh" [like a pirate]

Daddy: "food."

Z: "food."

Daddy: "Amen."

Z: "Ah MEN!!!"

Modern Day Mayberry
Last Wednesday the front page story of our local paper was about a couple (yes both the husband and wife) who held a couple of burglars at gun point while they waited for police to show up. The poll question that day was "Do you keep a gun in your home for protection?" I was a little surprised when the next day I read that 62% of the 600 people that participated in the on-line survey said that they do own a gun for protection. I do too, we own several, but still! I really think that says something about our region that so many keep weapons.

Ben and I have been challenged lately on this subject at our new church. It's technically Mennonite, though it feels more like a non-denominational church. It's not conservative, so no dress code, but like their more reserved brethren, they are staunch pacifists. I grew up a military brat and have my carry and concealed weapons license, as does Ben. We're unlikely candidates to be rethinking our position on war and weapons, but we're seriously open to the peace loving views our new pastor preaches to us. Could we have won the Taliban with bread instead of nukes? I don't really know, but I like the ideals. Jesus wasn't exactly for retaliation or violence. I'm still on the fence about what I'd do if someone broke in. Not sure that there's a firm Mennonite stance on this. I'm pretty sure I know what Ben would do, but then again, he's always surprising me. It's fun to talk about anyways.

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kristina said...

Well, I know what my husband would do. Me? I'd hide under the bed...with the kids, of course. ;)

I'll be interested in seeing where you are ultimately led to, on this topic.

I have always been more of a pacifist, myself, and have often wondered how I ended married to a man that carries a gun on a daily basis. :)