Thursday, April 9, 2009


I just put all the dishes away and prepared a package for sending...finally a couple of minutes to myself....

Gremlins have invaded our Wighome. You know how they start out cute and fuzzy then with a little water, they turn into tiny little monsters? Turns out at around six months, a little Wiglet will turn into a gremlin when they start cutting teeth. Juju was the happiest baby that was ever happy on happy day, then cried and fussed non-stop for four days. She had a temperature of 104.4F and we DIDN'T rush her to the ER, can you tell she's a second child? The fever left and a tooth took it's place. It's not big enough yet to take pictures of. We distinctly remember when Z turned into a gremlin. He didn't stop being cranky from teething until he was two, then we entered a new phase that looks more like Jurassic Park.

I just heard something over the monitor. Wait...false alarm. Shew! Quiet again!

It's probably not all that bad. It dawned on me last week, that probably because of my being an only child, I forget that this stage will pass. I've never watched a child grow up before. I didn't live around any one family long enough to see all the changes in their children. I only saw myself grow up, and I was too busy growing up to think about it at the time. So, my husband lovingly reminds me that these long nights and longer days will soon pass. Which kinda makes me sad.

Now I hear Juju talking happily over the monitor, she's determined to wake up's time, so that's OK. I'll be back....

Many hours later...they're BOTH napping!!!

The Wiglets need space to run, so we're putting our house up for sale in a couple of weeks. We've already signed the papers! We see it as putting a fleece out (like Gideon) and seeing if it sells, if it doesn't it wasn't meant to be, if it does, then we have God's blessing and will proceed. We will not be making any bids on houses until this one is sold. We did that last time and it took a year to sell the old house. We had a bridge loan from a friend, but it was still a bad move as it accrued tons of interest. We learned. We know it's a bad time to sell, but it's a great time to buy, and later it'll be vice versa, so what's the difference? Seriously, if you know something I don't, do share!

Juju hasn't been sleeping more than a half hour for her naps the last couple of days, so I'm hustling!

Last bit, I sorta kinda got a job! It doesn't pay, but I'm still excited! I'm going to be part of a homeschooling co-op next school year when Z will be 3 and old enough to be part of their pre-school. It's one day a week and all the moms go and do something whether it be clean-up or coaching one of the classes (they're not teachers). They have a caterer who does a cooking class, a lady with German parents who teaches German, a veterinarian who teaches a science lab (and brings in dead animals to dissect!), and now they have a counselor teaching a college and career exploration class! Oh, and they have a lot more classes than I mentioned, there's a hundred kids in the co-op!

The co-op does not replace home school curriculum, but does supplement it with labs and extra classes they might not have at home, like gym, yearbook or Latin roots. There will be about 15-20 kids in the high school class (yes, all four years) next year and I don't know how many of them I'll actually have in my class as there are other high school classes at the same time. I'll be using this resource from Crown Financial Ministries as my text book and guide. It seemed to cover all the things I want to go over with the kids:

she's up...

....15 minutes later, she's fed, I'm back.

  • What areas of vocation are you interested in?
  • What vocations fit your personality and abilities well?
  • What college majors lead to those jobs? What other credentials might be needed?
  • What colleges have the majors you are interested in and fit your preferences?
  • How will you pay for college?
We'll also be:
  • Shadowing several jobs in areas of interest to each student and answering questions about each of them about pay, hours, etc.
  • Attending college fairs
  • Taking personality and vocation tests to increase personal insight
  • Creating a time-line customized for each student marking important dates such as ACT/SAT testing dates, college application dates, etc.
  • Role playing how to interview
  • Having a college financial aid expert as a guest speaker
  • Learning how to get and keep a job
So, I'm super excited to get started. Here's my friend's blog who invited me to join the co-op.

OK, I've got a half hour to fold laundry before I get the kiddos up to go to the airport for my drum lesson. (Of course there's a drum set, guitars, bass, hand drums and a keyboard at my hubby's work...short impromptu jam sessions help them think!) And I'm off!

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I love reading your blog Becca. You are really inspirational and make the most out of every minute you are given! xxx