Thursday, April 2, 2009

Holistic Wigness

How are we? What is new? Let me share with you holistically....


Juju, who just turned 6 months last week, is now over 19 pounds and is rapidly catching up to her brother in diaper size. He wears a size 6 and she's in size 4! She wears 12-18 mos clothes and some of those don't fit her in the thigh and bottom region (her most blessed areas). She's fought two colds in a row, recovered only to suddenly be cutting a tooth that makes her nose run lots. If her nose doesn't run, it's probably not our daughter. Poor thing has had nose issues since she was one week old. Otherwise, she's happy as a lark (that's one metaphor I don't usually mix up). She's the most roley poley, happy little muffin I've ever met!

Z is pushing 40 pounds and is thinning out, as you might notice from the slideshow. He is rambunctious and all boy. His little shins are covered in bruises, his nose often bloody. Some days his little bottom gets spanked more than once. His little Wigbody is constantly moving, fidgeting, or wiggling. He is ALWAYS dirty. Ben's still super fit, and has been playing soccer on Sundays with some guys from our church. We all have fun watching Daddy play soccer.

I've been busy producing the sustenance for a six month, 19 pound baby girl. She eats one meal of yogurt a day, otherwise it's my job to support those giant, lovable, cellulite rolls (hers not mine).

Juju's little WigMind is just amazing. She learns so fast. She's become quite adept at letting us know that she DOES NOT like her nose to be wiped. At all. We predict she will be an avid talker and eater.

Z knows his alphabet, reads short words like "No," "Stop," "Go," and "Hop". He knows numbers through 14 (except 7), and animals and their sounds (even strange ones like, "What does the porcupine fish say?" "Ouch!"). His speech is rapidly becoming more articulate. Our little man who we thought would never speak clearly now says "Fox Knox Socks Box" and "Welcome to Sodor!" Though he has a bit of a brogue, we can't quite pinpoint. "Pine cone" is "Pin coon". He also knows most shapes and colors, but not all. We're currently working on opposites and on important the rules such as, "Thou shalt not touch other people's parked cars," and "Thou shalt not place thy feet on ye neighbor's head."

Ben is being pushed mentally at work, and his business, praise the Lord, is growing. He just hired a new guy who seems to be a good fit for our little airport family. Ben is also using his brain power at our starter church's first building, which needs a lot of fixing up before our grand opening on April 26th. (Hint, hint, come one, come all!!!)

I have recently started drum lessons...yes, drum lessons. I'm pretty jazzed about it. I'm to learn on both a regular drum set and djembe. Ben and I will be beginning Spanish classes right after our church's grand opening. With the help of my friend, Clara, I created a new and improved schedule to organize my mind a little. With that and my two month long meal plan (thanks Dana!), I feel like a new woman!

"Juju's got spirit, yessiree, Juju's got spirit, enough for three!"

Z's been expressing himself through art lately. He'll say, "Paint!" and we often do. I enjoy painting with him and have made this a part of our weekly schedule. He's been enjoying the books that Grandpa and Grandma J send through their USO Unified Through Reading Program, which I mentioned in a past post, and we all really like this one for a unique children's Bible story book:
Ben and I have been enjoying leading the worship at our church. He plays guitar and I sing and play a mean shaker egg. I also teach Sunday School here and there, which I love doing. I'm reading through a One-Year Bible with my cousin, Jamie. I love this quote I just found, "Where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy." Psalm 65:8b I want to write a song based on that, isn't it beautiful!?

Otherwise, I've been learning to let go of self-centeredness and anger and to subsequently enjoy life more fully. It's funny how when one gets up in the middle of the night with one's baby that if one does it with a poor attitude, it's rather miserable, but if one just does it and accepts that one's baby is simply awake and that a grumpy mood won't change that, that one can rather enjoy being up with one's baby in the middle of the night.

My mom gets credit for helping me realize this. She said in her sweet sort of way, "Sometimes when we're upset, it's because we want things to go our way, like we're God." So, I guess I realized I'm not God. Which is a good thing, both that I'm not and that I realized it. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I'll forget this important fact from time to time. If I were God I wouldn't forget now, would I?

All around we're doing quite well. Hope you are too. Thanks for visiting! We so appreciate our readers!

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lovemylife said...

I LOVE reading your blog! I wish we lived closer, I think you and I would get along famously as neighbors!