Thursday, February 22, 2007

Have a WigDay!

Daddy pulled us around the parking lot next to our house last week when we had our fill of snow, no small feat as there's no hill in the parking lot.

Somebody's getting around and found the basket full of doggie toys which Mommy quickly baby proofed.

Introducing Owen Andrew Wigton!
(Our new nephew and Ezra's future best bud)
Congratulations, Andy and Missy! Isn't Z so big now? He's still working on two more teeth, hence the somber face.

My cousin, Jamie, left for bootcamp this week, so please remember her in your prayers. This was taken at Thanksgiving before she cut lots of her beautiful hair off in preparation for the Navy. We're very proud of her (for serving our country, not just for cutting her hair)!

Two of our favorite things this week: Hyland's Teething Tablets (lifesaver this week, thanks for the recommendation, Mom!), and D'Anjou Pears (they're heavenly!)

500 Becca Points go to my Dad for logging onto our site while visiting Australia this week! Looks very cool on the WigMap, Dad, thanks!


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i miss the snow!!